Launching Spaceship Earth

Spaceship Earth


As “Spaceship Earth” spirals into a future of radiant possibility, we find ourselves merging with the dreams, ideals and principles inspired by the great master thinkers of humanity.

Buckminster Fuller

R. Buckminster Fuller: inventor, architect, engineer, mathematician, poet and cosmologist was one of the most enlightened mystics of the last century. Bucky lovingly promoted his world-encompassing vision of “Spaceship Earth” – this iconic symbol of humanity’s interrelationship with the planet we call home continues to inspire generations of forward thinkers to reach towards a positive timeline.

Always a freethinker, Bucky was able to discover ways to impact the world – “Faith is much better than belief. Belief is when someone else does the thinking. Everyone is born genius. We must dare to use our minds, dare to know about the truth, dare to be truthful with ourselves and dare to speak the truth.”

Fuller’s attitude opened deep insight and creative invention – “Do more with less” was his term for sustainability and became his lifelong pursuit. To develop what he called “Comprehensive Anticipatory Design Science”, to anticipate and solve humanity’s needs through the highest technology by providing “more and more life support for all humanity, with less and less resources.”


Spaceship Earth

Fuller secretly undertook the responsibility of acting as “ships captain”; and, he pursued with passionate intention an entire life of productivity committed to protecting and advancing all life and its resources on Spaceship Earth. Through understanding universal principles, Bucky found greater effectiveness in his work when doing so entirely in service to others – the larger number for whom he served, the more effective he became in influencing positive outcomes.

The Eternally Regenerating Universe” inspired Buckminster Fuller’s confidence that solutions could be accomplished ʺto make the world work for 100% of humanity in the shortest possible time through spontaneous cooperation without ecological offense or the disadvantage of anyoneʺ. He believed that we are on the brink of a new world and that everyone aboard Spaceship Earth can live successfully and with high standards.

Working with Nature’s Model: Sacred Geometry

Buckminster Fuller sought to comprehend the principles of Nature and to extrapolate its fundamental geometry. Fuller was part of a line of great mathematicians, one of which is credited as the father of science and philosophy, Pythagoras. The Pythagorean schools and their knowledge of the “music of the spheres” are the foundation of inspiration for all of the famous mathematicians that followed from Plato to Kepler to R. Buckminster Fuller. All of them had a profound sense that the Sacred Geometry found in Nature originates from sound waves and is fundamental to creation.

geodesic domes
R. Buckminster Fuller Inspired Art

The ultimate geometry of creation is the sphere. From the recently discovered subatomic nanoparticles (named “Bucky Balls”) to atoms, molecules, the earth, the sun and the stars, all spheres generate from a point of singularity at their center, where all waves cancel out in stillness, the “opening” to the cosmic life force. This point of singularity in the human body is found in the center of the heart, considered the “true mind” by the ancient Egyptians and Orientals. Scientists have measured frequencies emanating 8 ft. out from this point. This is the Bindu point of oneness experienced in ancient meditation practices. Bucky said, “Our brain deals with the temporal. Our mind deals with the eternal. Ninety‐nine percent of who you are is invisible and untouchable”.

In 1970, when R. Buckminster Fuller received a gold-medal for his development of the geodesic dome, the American Institute of Architects called it “the strongest, lightest and most efficient means of enclosing space yet known to man.”

Buckminster Fuller
Bucky’s social conscience seems to have been motivated by a life-changing epiphany he had at a low point in his life

The geodesic dome is one of R. Buckminster Fuller’s most utilized inventions. With the goal of creating a structure that would cover the largest area with the least amount of material, Bucky applied the calculations of Kepler, which ascertain that the planets are held in orbit by tensional forces. Just as Pythagoras delineated that the “music of the spheres” resonate from singularity in the phi ratio scale, Plato accurately mapped out the orbits of the planets using the resonant geometry of the platonic solids and Kepler discovered the planets are held by an invisible resonant unified field generated from singularity as well.

Tensegrity” (tensional integrity) was a word Bucky created to describe these forces. Understanding the dynamics of tensegrity, the structure of Nature, and the geometry of the sphere, Bucky created the geodesic dome – the lightest, strongest structure ever devised.

Synergetic geometry” was Bucky’s term for the mathematics of the dome. Synergy is the interaction of two or more forces with their combined effect being greater than the sum of their individual effects. The dome creates a synergetic resonance field with all life around it, as it replicates the structure of nature.


About the author and founder of Pacific Domes, Asha Deliverance: When I made my first geodesic dome in 1980, “necessity was the Mother of invention”. I was about to give birth to my second son and was living under a tree at Madre Grande Monastery in Southern California. This sacred geometric structure became my home and the place of birth for Elias De Christo. The dome was beautiful and, as others discovered their inherent simplicity and magic, I found myself making more. I have been making them for the past 40 years, and now, Elias works by my side. My passion has grown over the years as I have met many physicists and healers that have shared information with me about the energetic qualities of geodesic domes. Many believe that the future “Cities of Light” will be made with geodesic domes.

At Pacific Domes, we have expanded upon Bucky Fuller’s discoveries for more than 40-years. Our construction teams have tested the inherent strength of the dome with artful skill and precision. Our clients trust that we are providing the most reliable, portable and energy efficient structures. We invite you to browse through our Knowledge Base of educational and informative articles and videos to learn more about the role of geodesic domes on Spaceship Earth.