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“Listening to our customers is core to who we are as a company.”

Finding the right partner can make a difference in the success of your project. Get expert help with your project. At Pacific Domes we have the expertise you need to take your project from concept to completion.

3D Renderings

3D rendering is the process of producing 3-dimensional images from 2-dimensional drawings or photos. Use your concepts, sketches or graphics to simulate the environment you plan to construct your project in. Our in-house 3D artists can help you or your company visualize your custom Pacific Dome project with the help of our online 3D modeling,. Click here to view more 3D Renderings.

Dome Engineering

Our Domes are engineered for both internal and external weight loads that support lighting, sound equipment and more. We offer an in-house structural analysis upon request. To be approved for permitting, your local building department may require engineering documents. Our architect and engineer can help you meet your requirements. Pacific Domes exceeds TUV engineering requirements for all European countries.

Engineering Blueprints

Pacific Domes are the most durable structure, utilizing the least material. Our frames are made of USA galvanized steel. They are engineered for both internal and external weight loads, and support lighting & sound equipment.

Frame Diagrams

It’s easy to choose your perfect size dome from our large gallery of Frame Diagrams – available from 16ft. to 60ft. We offer customized diagrams for sizes up to 120ft.

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