How To Set Up A Glamping Resort in Mexico PART 4/4

(If you didn’t read How To Set Up A Glamping Resort in Mexico parts 1-3, catch up on that by clicking here.)

Take a look in the mirror. Do you look as good as you feel? Does the happiness show on your face? It should. After plenty of time well-spent climbing the various ladders of success life has to offer, you were ready for something new. Better… Easier… Grander. After all, you’d never been content to play to the status quo. Proud of your excellent track record with money, but tired of working so hard for that almighty dollar, you saved enough to actually DO something to re-imagine your future… and now you’re about to see your money start working for you while you sit back and enjoy your newfound life as a Mexican Glamping Entrepreneur.

You did your due diligence and took advantage of a timely growth trend… found cheap land in Mexico with stunning vistas… outfitted your little piece of paradise with beautiful
Glamping Domes that are equal parts splendor and toughness… and now you’re ready to open for business.

What is the next step? How do you get your milkshake to bring all the boys to the yard?

mexico glamping, dome glamping, mexico
With the villa as a community gathering place, it is not hard to imagine adding private domes for guests to stay at a glamping resort

The very first and ultimately the most important step in promoting your Glamping Resort is to create a strong online presence.

This mean photos — good ones — and media. Whatever it was that made you fall in love with your little piece of heaven in the first place, that’s what you want to feature in your photos. To create that longing for a powerful, emotional connection with Nature, capture the color and depth of your beautiful land to the fullest extent possible. Photos at sunrise and sunset are especially appealing. Hiring a professional photographer with a high grade lens is essential.

Capture images that stir in the viewer a longing for connection. Simple iconic imagery that intrigues the imagination and dares one to dream helps awaken a longing in your potential customers. You want your images to be so inviting that potential clients mentally project themselves into the fantasy. Like a couple holding hands along the beach as the waves lap lazily at their feet, a dog following behind with a trail of footprints awash in sea foam. A photo from inside one of your Glamping Domes, showing a woman lying on her bed, looking up at the stars. Children climbing on the climbing dome gym in the play yard. Families playing badminton outside with a cluster of beautiful Glamping Domes popping up from the lush jungle thickets like freshly fallen fruit.

mexico glamping resort, mexico glamping
Glamping in the high desert in comfort and style within a 24′ dome

A video showing your beautiful glamping domes, nearby attractions, and gorgeous Mexican topography set to calm South American music is an absolutely essential marketing tool, and you should budget accordingly. Use a professional videographer and video editor, as well as professional audio quality and fully mastered sound to create your final product. Your choice of music is very important. Whatever you pick, it must stir the soul. Too quick of a tempo can give an ungrounded feeling. You’re looking to create a feeling of desire and relaxation with a little Mexican flavor thrown in. Don’t settle for anything less than the best you can afford here, because the media you create now is what is going on your official website and all your social media channels.

It is this media that will bring you your very first wave of customers. These people will then create their own social media and their experiences will go on to intrigue others… who will look you up on the internet and either choose to go or not go based on the most official media they can find. Make it absolutely polished, tightly edited, and emotionally impactful. You want everyone who watches this to tangibly absorb some of the magic you feel when you’re really there!

Once you’ve got this media in hand, it’s time to put it out there to the world. Yes… your best friend is now the internet.

Promote on Social Media
Social media accounts like Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube and Twitter are a places where you can share great content, connect with others, forge business relationships, drive traffic to your website and attract visitors to your Glamping Resort.

Set up profiles and upload your video and the promo pictures you had taken. Begin by introducing yourself. Make posts every few days with a new beautiful picture (these photos you can take yourself with a smart phone, as long as your main promotional images were shot by a pro) and include a good story about something wonderful that happened while you were living your Glamping Pro lifestyle.

You want people to fall in love with the beauty of the place, but also feel befriended by you. Let your heart shine through in these posts. When potential guests feel like they connect with you, they are are more likely to become your clients.
If done properly, social media will yield an immense well of personal connections. An engaged social media crowd is a potential goldmine.

In addition to social media, an official website is a must.

  1. Make sure your website is beautiful and regularly updated with lots of photos, videos, testimonials and “share with a friend” buttons. Guests will expect to see availability and book online; there are many booking platforms available (search “online holiday booking system”).
  2. It is a crowded market so spend time optimizing your website so people can find you easily and consider using some pay per click advertising (
  3. Always link back to your social media; Pinterest is one of the fastest growing platforms and has the highest rate of viewing to buying/booking; pin everything from pics of your domes to pics of the wildlife nearby. Instagram will showcase your venue and let your images be shared easily with friends. Facebook will allow you to share bigger stories and more content with more and more people.
What Social Media Platforms Should Be Used?

There are many platforms for you to choose from including Flickr, Instagram, Google Picasa Digg, Quora, etc., however, the following are some of the most popular:

  • Facebook is suited to a broad audience on general topics. Users of this medium are reported to be the most loyal and spend the most time online and interacting through their accounts. This is a great place for discussing and debating.
  • Twitter is suited to a younger and more cutting-edge crowd who like to move quickly and have access to current news and trends.
  • Google+ is still being established by Google but it contains some great features, such as being able to freely market events, promote your product without paying for it (yet!), to chat virtually in hangouts and chat within established communities.
  • Pinterest is an inspirational visual medium that has been shown can sell, engage and drive website traffic effectively with huge success. It is currently one of the fastest growing social media platforms.
  • YouTube is owned by Google, which also happens to own the most used search engine in the world. Therefore linking this medium to your website and products is essential for improving search engine optimisation and access to audiences who prefer to be social, learn, interact and share through moving images.
  • LinkedIn is a place perfect for businesses but many find it uncomfortable sharing their business details and contacts in such an open format. However, it can be a good place to set up a business page and interact openly with other business professionals if you are not worried about this.
mexico glamping, glamping resort in Mexico, dome glamping
16′ domes make up this glamping resort beneath the lush forest

Once you’re well armed with social media profiles chalk full of gorgeous media, put your listing on AirBnB. Run promotions and give discounts through your facebook page, and put together meal packages that showcase local Mexican cuisine. Be extremely attentive to your early guests so you can get glowing reviews. As you relax into your role as owner, you will trust your staff to duties you likely will initially be completing yourself. Remember you are in the hospitality industry now, so make sure you have a kind and attentive staff or team of helpers to keep your guests happy.

And then you can sit back… relax… and let your very own Mexico glamping resort pay for itself.