How To Set Up A Glamping Resort in Mexico PART 1/4

Wondering How to Set Up A Glamping Resort in Mexico?

If your dream is to own land in Mexico, why not make it pay for itself (and turn a profit!) by becoming an Eco-Tourism Entrepreneur? Forward thinkers and money-minded opportunists alike are making the most of the surging popularity of environmentally-conscious destination travel, and if you follow a few easy steps, you too can find land in Mexico, purchase it, and establish a thriving business by turning your very own little piece of paradise into a pay-for-stay Mexican glamping resort.

mexican glamping resort
Relaxing to the sound of ocean waves and fire gazing

Despite its status as a legendary party destination, Mexico is brimming with eco tourism opportunities brought on by a growing consciousness movement that values sustainability, environmentally friendly practices, protection of cultural heritage and support of local communities. From white sandy beaches to Mayan temples, Mexico has been called a grand mixture of everything life has to offer, and quick thinking entrepreneurs will be thrilled to learn that opportunities abound everywhere there is beautiful nature to inspire the soul.

Sustainable tourism in Mexico is hardly a new idea. In fact, the Yucatan Peninsula is the birthplace of “sustainable tourism.” According to the BBC, “The very idea of eco-tourism was planted among the kapok and torchwood trees of south-eastern Mexico in the early 1970s by a pioneering American academic, Claus-Dieter Hetzer. He organized what he called ‘eco-tours’ to the Yucatan for adventurous travelers.

Maya and Aztec Empires in Mesoamerica

However it is the worldwide surge in the popularity of Glamping (or glamorous camping) that is now affording the every day Joe a ticket to ride this upwardly mobile trend into the Eco-Tourism business. No longer are exorbitant amounts of money or corporate investors required. More and more every day people like yourself are taking timely advantage of the growth trends in this industry to unveil a new and fulfilling way of life that offers the best of both worlds: you can be a self-actualized business person and live like a blissful semi-retiree on your own piece of property in a colorful and lush Mexican Paradise.

how to set up a glamping resort, pacific domes
Domes connected by tunnels create amazing ambiance for and gathering of the people

The first step on your path toward become a Mexican Glamping Entrepreneur is to locate and purchase a piece of beautiful Mexican land. Although for many years, only Mexican nationals were allowed to own real property in Mexico’s restricted zones, Mexico amended the constitution in 1993 to allow foreigners to purchase real estate within these zones by means of a fideicomiso. The bank is required to check ownership and insurance, and to verify that the property is free of liens. A trust is granted for a 50-year period.

Just like in the United States and Europe, a Mexican real estate agent can be employed to assist you in searching out and purchasing the ideal property for your Glamping Resort.

mexico, glamping resort
Cooling off in a natural Cenote pool in Tulum, Mexico

You will want to consider that while real estate in United States is heavily regulated, in Mexico it is not… and there are many people out there claiming to be real estate agents. Be absolutely certain you are represented by a professional with a brokerage and not someone working out of their house… or worse yet, their car.

Working with an established agency with a physical address and brick-and-mortar business headquarters will help ensure you are working with a professional brokerage. You might be taken aback by how many food cart vendors also sell real estate on the side. Everyone seems to know someone with land for sale. Keep yourself and your assets safe by working with a professional agent or agency. Furthermore, look for testimonials and referrals from some of your prospective agent’s most recent clients.

Sixteen foot dome at Faith Glamping, Costa Rica

Here are questions to ask a prospective real estate agent:

  • How many properties have you sold recently and in what price ranges?
  • In what neighborhoods or development areas have you made sales lately?
  • Do you work alone or do they have a staff?
  • How do you determine property values?
  • Do you show all sale properties or only their own listings?

Also, be absolutely certain that your chosen agent or agency makes WRITTEN offers and counteroffers. A professional agent knows the value of a written offer and should, in every circumstance, present these in writing along with a place for your signature.

Now the fun begins…. finding your private piece of heaven!

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