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If you are considering relocating to an off-grid lifestyle, “How to Live Tiny in a Geodesic Dome Home Shelter” aims to inspire and perhaps give you that little nudge towards taking your first step. You’ll be amazed at how quick and easy the transition to living off-grid can be once you have a clear road map to get started!

30-ft dome home in the Pacific Northwest

As people search for more sustainable living solutions, living tiny continues to be a growing trend. The Tiny Home Movement, is not a fad that will fade away anytime soon. On the contrary, the tiny lifestyle seems to be here to stay. Therefore, this might be a good time to explore ecoliving dome homes as an alternative shelter?

There are a number of reasons why people might be downsizing and exiting the urban jungle. Inflated mortgages and the high-cost of city living jumps out among them. The good news is that more and more people are discovering that they can live healthier, happier lives by living simply and working remotely from anywhere their heart leads them. To this end, here’s Scott Black’s short story on how he blazed the trail for others to follow.

Scott Black – The Change

Hello, my name is Scott. I am a veteran and a former Telecom executive who made the full-time transition to a tiny lifestyle by purchasing a geodesic dome kit from Pacific Domes. My journey down this tiny life road started on that fateful day when the world stopped turning on Sept 11, 2001. I knew then that I must change – and change I did.

This begins my story…

My path to living in a geodesic dome has not been a straight road. This winding, eye opening and joyous journey has provided me many lessons learned. A deeper appreciation for life, friendship and the world around me has developed – as well as, a realization that there is more to life than the corporate 80 hour work week.  I hope that my trials, tribulations, laughs and tears will help guide you to your path of easier and more sustainable living.

tiny home, tiny home movement
16′ dome with attached bath house

My pragmatic approach to living tiny in this large world and in my blessed geodesic dome starts with “The Change”…

Changing One’s Mindset and Understanding The Meaning Of Tiny

When talking to people over the years I have found many varying thoughts on the subject of living small. The word tiny brings images both good and bad of hermits, squatters, Grizzly Adams (if you don’t know of the white-haired man who loved bears, check it out), cardboard boxes and even stranger topics. But for me living tiny has evolved into one single yet unifying word – FREEDOM. If you read further you will discover that ‘Tiny’ does not just mean living in a small home.

A few years ago I started the process of shedding my 4,000 square foot home and have worked towards exchanging it for my current 16-foot dome home. In doing so I have become free. I have become free of worry, free from being a part of the madness called consumerism and free from the “system”. When you live in a small space it frees your pocketbook from being emptied on a monthly, weekly, daily and sometimes spontaneous basis. When you don’t have the space to store all the old items you start thinking more clearly about what are the things that you truly need in your life. You have the time and resources to now think more about the important things in life.

geodesic dome, sustainable living
Simple living creates less clutter

This was not always an easy conversation for me. But living tiny in my geodesic dome for the last few years has made this conversation easier. I had to make a decision and I had to find my reason why. With no “why“, it would be nearly impossible to sustain such a tiny lifestyle.

I, like many people, had accumulated many toys over the years. There was a time when I wailed and gnashed, cried and lost much sleep about that precious home theater system I was losing. There was much consternation about all the money I had spent on clothes, all those suits, ties, boots, the big bedroom sets, the living room set, my kitchen and more. In the end, they all had to go…

If you are not currently willing to let these things go then you may not be quite ready for the transition to the Tiny Lifestyle. Then again you could start slowly. If, you can see the light at the end of the tiny tunnel. Don’t worry; I was not ready either. Let me show you how.

Now, as I finalize this saga of Change let’s talk about what does it mean to live Tiny. For me, living tiny means living tiny in all aspects of life – for you, it may mean something different.

Ask yourself what your goals are. Will you work from home? Will you be debt free? Will you shed the burden of all that stuff? You will begin to to see a path emerge in your mind as you define what Tiny Living means to you.

Here is how I did it:

I will live in a small living space. Presently, living in my circular geodesic dome, a small space for me means fewer responsibilities in home repairs and costs. It also means that I no longer have to worry about the financial and emotional strain regarding what the next “toy” is going to be. When you have no place to store the toys, your answer becomes clear.

tiny dome
DIY plumbing for the bathhouse

GOOD NEWS: If you want a large space but crave an easier less complicated lifestyle then look no further than Pacific Domes. They have several dome home sizes that are affordable – and as large, if not larger than your current home.

I will work from home. And not worry about bosses, time clocks, evaluations and not having the pressure of earning that high income. Not “having” to earn this money frees your mind and spirit to become more creative.

I will live debt free. Living debt free is likely the single most important aspect of living a FREE and tiny life. While it is possible to live debt free in any path of life. I have found it is much easier when living tiny in every aspect of your life.

I will consume less. This was difficult to shed at first. The system teaches us that it is good and righteous to buy everything we can whenever we can. In fact, it has almost become mandatory to consume in this nation (the United States of America). They, the corporate machine, engineers everything you own to have a short shelf life thus forcing us to purchase new products on an ongoing and continual cycle.

You may not want to stop all consumption like I have but it would be a good move to lessen your hunger on this distraction in life. It robs you of joy and peace and will keep you enslaved until the day you die.

I will be free of bills and I will have a small footprint. When you dig your own water well, when you add a septic tank to your yard, when you generate your own power and when you grow your own food then you have become free and tiny. You no longer depend on any man or government to provide for you and your family – and that is true freedom. It’s a true way to have the smallest footprint and leave the cleanest earth for all future generations to come.

dome dweller
Cleaning the dome cover

These are the things that I do to live tiny. Now how far are you willing to go to be free and live tiny? There is no wrong answer. You could go all the way or you could start by exploring dome home uses:

  • a small geodesic dome as a studio or second home
  • as an airbnb travel lodge, a ski or hunting lodge
  • as a yoga studio
  • a quick getaway in your favorite location
  • a greenhouse garden or aquaponics station
  • or… any shelter application you can think of that requires a small, medium or large space at an amazing price!
Dome Home Outdoor Shower

Wishing you success,


We hope Scott Blacks story, “How to Live Tiny in a Geodesic Dome Home Shelter” has inspired you to take the next step along your journey toward a simpler and happier life.  We invite you to explore Pacific Domes Knowledge Base of How to Guides. While you’re at it, be sure to watch our How to Build a Dome 5-part video series on YouTube.