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Vaastu, Sound Light, Sacred Sanctuary, Massage, Meditation

Pacific Domes and InnerSense, Inc. bring you the Sound Light Healing Dome. Health can be restored, stress reduced and pain diminished, through harmonic resonance. Since the entire physical universe consists of vibrating sound and light, our health is greatly influenced by our surroundings, as we entrain to the vibrations around us.

The structure of our Vaastu Dome vibrates with cosmic energy, enhancing the effect of our Sound Light Healing Dome. HRT is a sophisticated vibration therapy that utilizes light, sound, color, and tactile vibration to synchronize and cohere the sensory mechanisms, promoting an extremely relaxed state that allows non-critical acceptance of the feedback signal. HRT allows access to inner space, the realm of the imagination and all potential possibility. Releasing one’s potential has dramatic and positive effects on one’s life and can unlock a person’s true potential. This is the essence of Human Transformation, and the underlying purpose of HRT. Don Estes, the founder and director, is a certified medical technologist and professional neuroscientist. For over thirty years he has studied the unification of science, philosophy and religion, including the fields of light, color, sound and music.

Together, we have an entire team ready to create a Resonant Dome with content for healing, entertainment and expanded states of mind. Harmonic Resolution, and their new Supercomputer, have all of the technologies ready to go and have designed, built and managed three public “Innertainment” centers. Pacific Domes synergetic, Vaastu geometry enhances this resonant field, promoting health and healing. We offer home or commercial units, and our engineered dome frames will support any therapeutic bed.

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