A Lasting Holiday Gift For Your Child


Geodesic Dome Climbers for Children by Pacific Domes of Oregon.

We build Playground Climbing Domes and Back Yard Jungle Gyms for home, and as Schoolyard Playground Equipment to promote healthy activity for our children to create strong minds and bodies.

This Holiday season, gift your children with a climbing dome. Give them the opportunity to exert their seemingly endless energy in the safety of your yard.


Children thrive off of movement and challenge. The more they stretch themselves the more they learn. Climbing offers many unique physical and mental challenges. When we climb we are required to problem solve, we learn to distribute our weight in a way that supports balance. Through climbing we enhance our hand-eye coordination and physical strength.

Children of all ages enjoy this play structure. You can start out with a dome closer to the ground for toddlers and add a new row of triangles as they grow. In this way the structure grows with your child.
Colorful powder-coated frames stay cool in the summer and depending on the weather you can shield the dome with a custom vinyl cover to give kids their own unique weather-proof playhouse. If you choose to 8’ climbing dome (seen in photos below) the structure would grow with your child. If you have children over the age 7 or 8 you might consider purchasing a 15 foot dome, from the center of which you could hang a swing! With Pacific Domes the options are limitless!