A Lasting Holiday Gift For Your Child

Geo Dome Climbers by Pacific Domes

This Holiday Season, gift your children with a Geo Dome Climber – the safe jungle gym for kids of all ages. Children thrive when exposed to the many benefits of open-air exercise, activities, and challenges – truly, it’s a gift that keeps on giving.

Geo Dome Climbers will, not only, provide them with the opportunity to exert their seemingly boundless energy in the safety of your yard, there’s mounting evidence that supports outdoor activities build strong, healthy minds and bodies. Outdoor play aided by a jungle gym climber not only strengthens young minds and bodies, it aids youngsters in developing the habit of enjoying the outdoors – thus, reaping a lifetime of health and wellness derived from being outdoors.

Playground climbing dome
Geo Dome Climbers promote healthy activity for our children – with the added benefit of stimulating their right and left brains.

Benefits of Climbing

Studies backed by scientific data, provide evidence that climbing offers many unique physical and mental challenges. Climbing improves hand-eye coordination and physical strength.

When we climb, we are required to problem-solve and we learn to distribute our weight in a way that supports co-ordination and balance. And, the more we stretch and challenge ourselves, the more we learn which, further improves our learning abilities.

Ideal for either home or playground use

Kids love playing on a jungle gym climber with their friends in a playground schoolyard, too! A Geo Dome Climber helps them develop their social skills and so much more!

Features and Customized Options

Colorful powder-coated frames stay cool to the touch in the summer. And, you can shield the dome with a removeable custom cover to give kids their own weather-proof playhouse all-year round.

No matter what their skill level, children of all ages enjoy Geo Dome Climbers. Frame structures are available in three standard sizes to accommodate toddlers, school-age children and teens.

Parents love that they can start out with a dome closer to the ground for toddlers and add a new row of triangles as they grow. In this way, the structure grows with their child.

Playground Climbing Dome

HAPPY HOLIDAYS from Pacific Domes.

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