5 Great Yoga Community Escapes: Yoga Retreats and Travel Spots Around the World

Serving Yoga Communities for a Sustainable World.” Pacific Domes

Staying inspired amidst the challenge created by the recent pandemic requires a resilient mind-set! What better way to rise to the occasion than in the safety of a yoga community retreat where you can relax-rebalance-revitalize and nurture your soul supported by kindred spirits who share your journey!

Authentic yoga communities can have a strong effect on the human psyche and have a positive effect on society. Of course, rising to the occasion means staying open to bending the rules of social norms and peering into the realm of endless possibilities ‒ because… 

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” — Buckminster Fuller

Join us in Reimagining a World with Yoga Community Havens

As Pacific Domes celebrates 40+ years in business, it looks back over how domes have helped shape the growth of yoga communities around the world. The founder of Pacific Domes, Asha Deliverance, taught yoga as her first career − she believes that Yoga has finally found its perfect home.

Energetic Qualities of Domes

There’s a science behind dome design that traces its origins to ancient Vedic architecture. To better serve the Yoga community, Asha has created an informative flip book that addresses the energetic qualities of domes.

Until the recent pandemic, the billion dollar yoga industry was booming and was the 4th largest industry! As we move into this next decade, we hope you’ll join us in reimagining a world that works for 100% of humanity as we continue to put yoga community havens on the map! Together, we can envision a culture of wellness that nurtures body, mind and spirit.

5 Yoga Retreats and Nature Escapes

To celebrate how domes have impacted the world of yoga, our team put together a list of thriving yoga communities scattered in some awesome nature-scapes. It’s our hope that those who value a sense of community as a source of support will draw inspiration from these communities.

ChoZen Dome Village ‒ Florida

ChoZen Retreat

Among the services and activities to be found at a ChoZen Dome Village stay are Yoga and meditation, sound healing, massage, watsu and other healing modalities. Four custom-designed, climatized and beautifully furnished geodesic domes based on Buckminster Fuller’s design principles and sacred geometry allow guests to fully embrace their lush, tropical surroundings. Each dome has its own unique spirit and sleeping configuration.

The Chi Center New Mexico

Consciously unlock the blockages and open the flow of energy throughout the physical and emotional body.” ― Master Mingtong Gu

Chi Center Dome

Based on his success, working with many physical and emotional life challenges, Master Mingtong Gu founded the Chi Center to benefit people of all ages. Sound healing is one of the fastest ways to see results and is a core principle − practice of Wisdom Healing Qigong.

Telethrion ‒ Evia Island Greece

Pacific Domes - Telaithrion Project
Telaithrion Free & Real Project is creating an Ecovillage situated on island of Mt. Telaithrion, Greece

The vision of Telaithrion is to promote daily living practices offering authentic incentives and selfless giving – food, shelter and resources are communally shared. The slopes of Mount Telaithrion provide a perfect backdrop for yoga and workshops to explore ways of living in harmony with Nature.

Suryalila ‒ Spain

Pacific Domes - Telaithrion Project

Serving yoga enthusiasts with world-class instructors, Suryalila provides handcrafted relaxing yoga, meditation retreats and nature holidays. A home away from home in southern Spain, it’s a place for those longing for a safe and healthy holiday.   

Happy Oasis ‒ Arizona

dome home, off-grid, geodome
Yoga Studio with a view! Photo credit: A1 Studios

Sited majestically atop a rocky range, Happy Oasis Yoga Dome brings people together as a healing and learning space. Insulated and ventilated from the scorching Arizona sun, and heated for the cool desert nights, the dome is comfortable year-round.

If you’re exploring opportunities to create your own retreat be sure to visit Pacific Domes to learn more about yoga and other holistic modalities are being utilized for yoga and other holistic modalities, such as festivals and Hot Yoga.