Video – Projection Domes & VR Spheres, Totally Immersive, Fully Spectacular

  • Projection Domes & Projection Theaters.
  • VR Spheres.
  • Brand, corporate and cultural events.



Explore the spectacular event spaces and experiences possible in a Projection Dome and VR Sphere. Working hand in glove with event creation and production teams, Pacific Domes provides custom design and manufacturing solutions.

Our portable Event Domes, Projection Domes, Projection Theaters and VR Spheres are manufactured to the highest standards in the United States and delivered worldwide.

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Event Dome, Nike, athletics event, immersive, event experience, cultural event, Pacific Domes, geodesic dome,
Nike Athletics Event Dome, various locations
Event Dome, corporate retreat,Strandkai Beach, Hamburg, Germany, immersive, event experience, corporate event, Pacific Domes, geodesic dome, dome village
Strandkai Beach Event Dome village – corporate training retreat, Hamburg
Event Dome, Audi, projection dome, immersive, event experience, brand event, Barcelona, Pacific Domes, geodesic dome, dome village
Projection Dome – Audi brand event, Barcelona