Unique Eco Hospitality Lodging: Prefab Eco Resort Housing for Sale

Portable Ecoliving Zen Dome Shelter Systems for Sale or Rent by Pacific Domes

Ecoliving Zen Domes offer Sustainability & Co-operation with Nature” — Pacific Domes Inc.

Congratulations! After scouring the internet for the right eco resort housing, you’ve finally arrived at the perfect sustainable remote lodging solution.

Pacific Domes Eco Resort Housing for Sale:

You’ve discovered paradise and are saying good-bye to the rat race to build your ecotourism dream!  If after watching this video, you’re feeling inspired, you’ll want to explore the benefits that Zen Domes offer eco hospitality lodging.

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Zen Dome Eco Resort Housing: A Futuristic, Sustainable and Smart Solution

Creating the picture-perfect ambiance for your remote eco resort begins with drawing inspiration from your natural surroundings. However, finding a delicate balance between leaving a light eco footprint and solving your guests’ requirements for a great lodging experience can be challenging.

Thanks to portability and sustainability, the robust ecotourism industry relies heavily on prefab eco resort housing for remote lodging.  You need look no further than Pacific Domes to create a warm and elegant Zen-like environment.  Zen Domes combine geodesic patterns found in nature to naturally illuminate interior surroundings with warmth and ambiance in a safe energy efficient environment.  The spacious open floor plan offers limitless interior possibilities while tastefully combining simplicity with luxury resort-style amenities.

One of the major benefits of Zen Domes is their inherent ability to withstand the extreme forces of Nature.  Geodesic domes are often the only structures left standing after an earthquake, hurricane or other devastating natural storm.

World-renowned Eco-Resorts and Retreat Centers have relied on Pacific Domes’ 35 plus years of industry expertise.  Their luxury Zen Domes are featured among the top 10 resorts in the world.

Are you ready to get eco-tourism inspired and maximize your remote property’s potential?  Pacific Domes is there to help make your dream a reality!

With prefab ecoliving shelter building systems by Pacific Domes, you can significantly reduce the pricey up-front investment of eco resort housing and complex eco resort construction costs.  Here are some ideas to get you eco-tourism inspired… you’ll be doing your part to create a sustainable planet!

eco resort housing for sale, eco hospitality lodging

  • Eco-Resorts & Retreats for Sustainable Ecotourism…

Create exotic Glamping Getaways!  Geo-engineered glamping site eco-shelters can be clustered or connected to create a Zen Dome compound.

  • Eco-Adventure Camps & Outdoor Education Eco-shelters…

Youth eco-adventure camps and ‘Ropes Course’ Geodomes, Zen Dome tent shelters and BioDome Greenhouses.

  • Honeymoon Zen Dome Cottages…

Picture a romantic honeymoon hide-away skiing amidst the towering snow-capped peaks of the Swiss Alps or soaking up the rays on a secluded tropical island.

  • Spa-Resort Dome Villages…

Offer unique alternatives to traditional spa-resort experiences in relaxing environments designed to encourage and enhance a sense of well-being, healthy living and a centered inner-self.

  • Yoga Eco-Retreat Domes…

Yoga styles and practices offer a wide range of opportunities for individuals and professional yoga instructors to come together for retreats and programs.  Packages often include affordable glamping sites ranging from off-grid campsites to stays in comfortably furnished Zen Domes.

  • Dome Eco-Villages…

Combine any or all the ideas listed above to create eco-tourism inspired communities that provide local opportunities for employment.

Browsing Pacific Domes’ gallery of Eco Resort Housing for sale is the first step towards exploring the benefits and versatility of geo-engineered domes as the strongest portable structure known to man.