The Song Of Plants


Imagine a fully symbiotic relationship between humans and plants that is strengthened by pure sonic communication. Imagine walking amongst the redwoods, dipping down to meet the nearest perennial leaf, and hearing its song. Imagine the healing, perception, and awareness that could come from such an experience.

There is one sonic artist that is making this reality possible. Her name is Mileece. As a renewable energy ambassador and multi-disciplinary artist, this impressive and exceptionally creative woman has taken on the role of nature’s medium. She has developed a method of processing bio-electric transmissions coming off of plant leaves through her own software. With this, she is able to translate the language of plants into wondrous musical soundscapes.

Photo by Xavier Aaronson, Vice Media

This process is not just beautiful and artistic; her work makes an important contribution to the ongoing dialogue of plant consciousness.

Recent scientific scholarship has proven that plants transmit information (sounds) with electrical pulses and a system of voltage-based signaling. This process is eerily reminiscent of the animal nervous system. There is a whole new dimension of language that can be learned from these transmissions by understanding how plants respond to cues that are directly caused by their environment. These very complex, leafy, intricate life-forms are too often dismissed as “inanimate,” but in fact, have a profound ability to communicate. It is this communicative potential, that which is heralded as the crux of intelligent life, that inspire artists like Mileece.

In an interview with Tom Tom Magazine, Mileece stated the driving purpose of her work:
I try to facilitate connections between people and plants for the sake of people understanding that plants are 100% equivalent to life on earth as we know it…it’s about changing the paradigm of an individualistic society into one of collaboration.

In agreement with Mileece vision, Pacific Domes collaborated with her on a project at Los Angeles’ LILA School in 2016 called The Sentient Plant BioDome Project.
As an industry leader in the manufacturing of eco-friendly and cost-effective classroom biodomes, our team was able to work with Mileece and the Los Feliz school campus to create a biomimicry space for young students to practice mindfulness, biology research, and the revolutionary art of listening to plants.

Photo by Nirvan Mullick, Tom Tom Magazine

Mileece has worked with students in the BioDome to conduct listening exercises. She believes that we, as humans, physiologically resonate on all levels with a healthy wilderness. “Within the dome,” Mileece says, “is a hybrid between natural soundscapes and organic electric music.” Her ongoing project, ORBS, uses domes to foster these connections by creating sensitive harmonic spaces embedded within wilderness environments.

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Photo by Pacific Domes, Mileece in the BioDome with students

The Sentient Plant BioDome Project is made possible by Phytl Signs, a ‘wearable’ device for plants that measures and records electrical signals emitted by plants. At the BioDome outdoor classroom, students connect the Phytl Signs to a clip that’s gently attached to a leaf on a plant that is driven into the soil with a metal stake. Both sensors capture and amplify the electrical signals that plants emit in response to their environment.

At Pacific Domes, we are honored to work with exceptional artists and renewable energy ambassadors like Mileece. To learn more about her inspiring sonic artwork, you can hear her speak about the process during this interview with Vice: