Geodesic Event Tents for Prius UK Launch

Pacific Domes of Oregon USA is the industry leader in the construction and installation of Geodesic Event Structures for Corporate Event Marketing, Trade Show Marketing Displays, and Geodesic Shelters for Corporate Product launches and Corporate Marketing events of all kinds.

The debut for the all new Toyota Prius was a great success for the UK. The Ignition and Element Domes teams worked closely together to form this truly unique experience. Element Domes provided a series of interconnected domes consisting of one 60ft, a 20ft and three 36ft domes to create the Prius Domeplex.

This remarkable space was designed to showcase the new vehicle and play host to attendees. The central 60ft dome was used to welcome visitors, display the new car and also act as the focal area for refreshments. The 3 further 36ft domes acted as dedicated spaces to inform, explain and communicate Prius’ USPs.

Pacific Domes Geodesic Event Tents - Prius UK Launch

Pacific Domes Geodesic Event Tent - Prius UK Launch