Pacific Domes stepping up to help the Navajo Nation

The Pacific Domes family is beaming proud to continue our amazing history of stepping up when a dome is needed most! Check out our other Relief Dome Projects!

In the Black Mountain region of the Navajo reservation, the indigenous people receive support in the way of food, medicine and firewood through the “Beauty Way Tour.”
The Dyken brothers, whose band is known as “Clan Dyken”, have been dedicated to raising funds through the tour for the assistance of their indigenous friends for 23 years. Proceeds from the tour go directly to the Thanksgiving Food and Supply Run for the Dineh Nation. These donations benefit some 500+ families who are continually battling displacement due to coal mining in the area.
Pacific Domes donated a 20’ dome to Clan Dyken & the Dineh Nation, which has served several different purposes over the years, from a medical center to a storehouse for donated goods.

“At this time of year, we come together in celebration of our life, our family and our tribe. To share in this celebration with people who understand the difference between what you want and what you need is a great gift. It fosters a deep human connection and a deeper appreciation for our Mother Earth”. Mark Dyken