Catskills Dome

Tips on Dome Home Security for Rural & Remote Locations: How to Protect Your Dome

Keeping Your Dome Home Protected Pacific Domes Nature-loving people are lured by the tranquil rural lifestyle of an off-grid wilderness retreat. Folks have valid concerns about security and how to protect their dome home against unwanted guests and predators. Throughout the years, Pacific Domes has been asked the question that is uppermost in people’s minds, Read More

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Safe Outdoor Education: Repurposing Schools to fit social distancing needs

Buckminster Fuller won an award from the American Architectural Society for inventing the strongest structure known to man. — Pacific Domes Inc. As schools begin to reopen with new social distancing guidelines, it makes sense to take advantage of one of the safest learning environments ‒ the outdoors. Educators facing logistic challenges in following school district roadmaps Read More

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Purple powder coated climbing dome

Commercial Playground Equipment: Geodome Climbers by Pacific Domes

Inspiring Playgrounds Across America… Paul Smith Children’s Village, The Peace Garden & The Children’s Workshop Oakland Pre-school Pacific Domes Looking for a modern Climbing Gym to add to your playground fun?  Geodome Climbers come in a range of sizes for preschoolers to teens, providing hours of beneficial exercise and play time for all ages! Why Geodome Read More

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playground dome

Geodesic Dome Climbing Gym: The Safe Monkey-Bar for Kids of All Ages

Harness the Power of the Climbing Dome Gym “Geodesic Climbers help kids develop hand-eye coordination in a fun-filled way.”  Pacific Domes For parents raising families in this device-driven digital age, persuading your kids to play and exercise outdoors can be challenging. Inviting social interaction, while providing hours of playtime and beneficial exercise, geodesic dome jungle-gym Read More

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Your Dome is Blessed

Kriya means to act from full awareness. To keep the luminous light of Kriya Yoga burning, which had been ignited by Paramahamsa Yogananda, and to spread the message of Kriya Yoga throughout the West, Paramahamsa Hariharananda (who became known affectionately as “Baba” traveled to Switzerland for the first time in 1974. He believed that a Read More

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Vipassana Meditation in a Vaastu Dome

“A 10-Day Vipassana Meditation Retreat in a Vaastu Meditation Dome is a transformative experience.” Pacific Domes Vipassana Meditation is one of India’s most ancient meditation techniques. The goal of Vipassana Meditation is unlocking one’s true potential through introspection. Vipassana Meditation is a way of self-transformation resulting in liberation and a balanced mind capable of creating Read More

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YOGA DOMES: A Unique Geodesic Dome Building System …

Build a Successful Yoga Studio or Retreat Center using Sacred Geometry Pacific Domes  About Geodesic Yoga Domes When it comes to planning Yoga studios or retreat centers, Geodesic Dome Building Systems are nature’s perfect structure, lending themselves to all types of functional layouts and innovative uses ‒ anything from  creating amazing spaces for group activities Read More

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