New Dome in North Carolina

Nestled in the woodlands of North Carolina lies a private nature getaway. The prefab geodesic dome kit was purchased from Pacific Domes and erected by Payton and her husband. Even though, they are still in the process of adding the finishing touches to their dome home, Payton graciously invited us for a sneak preview.

Payton’s new dome home journey and testimonial…

“My husband and I bought the 36-ft. dome home a while back; and, we have just barely, put it up! We were, also, in the process of finishing a house flip when we bought the dome package. We flipped the house – and now, we are fully focused on making our dome sanctuary in the woods. It’s pretty awesome!”

Interior design of their 36-ft. dome home

“We are snuggled up in the privacy of the forest in western NC. We are very proud of our dome; and, we absolutely, LOVE IT! We are debt free, now – and, still have everything we need in a home.”

36-ft Dome Home in Western NC woodland
36-ft. (11m) dome home in the woodlands of North Carolina.

“Building our dome changed our life. We feel so free and at one with nature. We appreciate Pacific Domes – and, what you guys do!”

36-ft. (11m) dome home kitchenette

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