NASA’s Mission Mars Simulation with Pacific Domes

Pacific Domes of Oregon is beyond thrilled to build a Geodesic Dome Home for NASA, and their Mission to Mars! We are fortunate to work with both large corporations, and first-time home buyers purchasing his or her first Dome Home. Whether it is an Affordable Tiny Home, or a giant project of global importance, we are thrilled to work on some of the most important Geodesic Dome projects for your family, and the entire world, like the NASA Hi-Seas Mission to Mars project, vital to the exploration of space! Mission Mars2 Providing the building blocks for Dome Homes is our forte, standing out as the industry leader in Geodesic Designs for 38 years. HI-SEAS-Habitat-on-Mauna-Loa HI-SEAS is a Mars simulation project. Funded by NASA as a human performance study, the goal is to learn as much as possible about isolated living. Six participants live in a 36’ geodesic dome for 4-12 months. They are cut off from outside communications. They do communicate with the base, though there is a 20 minute lag time, designed to simulate the delay that would happen in communication between Earth and Mars. hi-seas-panoramic The HI-SEAS project is currently on its 4th mission. Most crews begin growing food in the dome fairly quickly (within the first three months). The crew from Mission 3 was trying several different growing methods. Crew Commanders have experimented with varying growing methods; soil, aquaponic and hydroponic techniques. Using their anaerobic compost, they were able to provide the necessary nutrients for their plants. Natural light from the sun isn’t always attainable in space; therefor various lighting methods have been tested in order to find the best approach. Principles found in the biosphere experiment are being used inside of this pseudo bio dome. ss-130525-hiseas-food-inventory.ss_full Crew members are encouraged to log their experiences living in their dome home. Viewers of their blogs are able to get a feel for how the crew members are doing, what their mind-set is like and what their challenges may be. Mars Dome 3 NASA has recently released their plan outlining the next steps in their real journey to Mars. These simulations have been crucial in their planning process. Everything learned within the dome brings them closer to a successful mission to Mars. Mars dome 2 Mission Mars3 8 xl-2014-hi-seas-1 Mission Mars
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