Micro Dome Ecoliving: Build Your Own DIY Micro Houses


Prefab Micro Home DIY Dome Kits for Sale by Pacific Domes

“Our life is frittered away by detail… simplify, simplify.” ― Henry David Thoreau

Why Micro Houses, Micro Dome Homes and Microliving?
Micro Houses and Micro Dome Homes are paradigm changers, shifting awareness from the meaning of ‘bigger is better’ to ‘simpler is better.’ However, microliving doesn’t mean giving up a living large lifestyle.

First off, understanding the trend towards building micro houses requires a subtle shift in perspective. It’s more about re-inventing your life, giving up attachment to stuff and kissing good-bye those sky-high house payments, property taxes and whatever else is keeping you from doing what you love to do 24/7.

Pacific Domes at Standing Rock – Red Lightning thank you (3:00 minutes)

During these times of change, one thing is certain: people are re-assessing what’s important in their lives and shaking off some of society’s outworn norms. You’ll find that the diverse reasons people embrace a microliving lifestyle vary from person-to person… it’s not a one-size fits all concept.

If you’re ready to ditch that mortgage and re-invent your lifestyle, then before taking the plunge, Pacific Domes invites you to explore the many benefits of ecoliving in a micro dome home and why this might be one of the most sensible and rewarding steps that you can take towards enjoying a healthier, happier and organic close-to-nature lifestyle.

Be sure to visit Pacific Domes and explore the benefits of prefab DIY dome kits for sale. Learn about the ‘How to’ of dome construction. You’ll find other useful tips such as cost, social and environmental impact, and a gallery of photos-n-ideas for furnishing your micro dome home.