A Harmonious Union: Pacific Domes & Yoga

Pacific Domes of Oregon, builders of the best Geodesic Structures for Events, is the industry leading manufacturer of Festival Dome Tents, and Portable Yoga Studios for Rent.

The geodesic structure allows for freedom of movement while creating a sense of safe sanctuary. Depending on the size of the dome, you can create a personal place of meditation and practice or a space for community and classes. Our floor plans are designed to be used with Radiant heat to withstand any season and weather, as well as ensure a warm and peaceful shavasana pose.

Pacific Domes has provided domes to numerous yoga retreat centers, festivals and private yoga practitioners around the world and are true advocates of the harmonious union of our Domes & Yoga.

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WLCO Sasha Juliard-1

WLCO Sasha Juliard-7

(24') Maura Rassman Yoga (2)