Projection Theaters

Geodesic 360 Projection Domes

Pacific Domes specializes in creating 360° fully immersive viewing environments through our projection domes. These innovative structures utilize our patented negative air pressure projection lining system and multimedia surround projection technology from our sister company, Obscura Digital. This provides large audiences with multisensory, learning, and entertainment experiences that are one of a kind.

These captivating viewing environments can be used for theater, concerts, opera, planetariums, and more. We can also install lighting trusses with full event lighting, sound solutions, and a center stage for performers if needed.

Our projection domes feature two translucent fabrics that allow projected images to display inside and outside of the structure. This means audiences as well as those outside the dome can enjoy the experience; it is truly a spectacle to be seen at night. For private events, we use blackout vinyl to keep images displayed inside the dome.

Pacific Domes and Obscura Digital have worked with numerous clients across a wide range of industries, including A-list clients such as AOL, Canon, Pioneer, and more. Our domes have a global reach and are used as revolutionary spaces for all types of events. One of our recent projects involved a product launch where Obscura Digital created full custom content and a large hologram display. Our team has worked on many unique projects over the years. To learn more, see our brochure.