Projection Theaters

Goggles Are Not The Future

Ahhh, the irreplacable feelings of open sky, freedom of movement, and social interaction, all without an obtrusive machine overlay. This, is the future of Virtual Reality technology. No longer tethered to a device, users are free to move about within the Projection Dome and fully experience Augmented Reality. Offering unparalleled immersion, the Pacific Domes VR Projection Dome has insurmountable potential to stay on the leading edge of the VR industry and continue in kind as a pioneer in this new dimension of reality.

VR Future: Lose the Goggles, Enter the HIVE!

HIVE is an acronym for “highly immersive virtual environment.” In a SimLab which requires specially constructed technology and 570 m2 of physical space, the untethered tracking of users provides a unique opportunity to explore the frontiers of Interactive, Immersive, Virtual Environments.

Goggle-Free Gaming

Virtual Reality Domes

Welcome to the persuasive power of Virtual Reality (VR) Domes & Augmented Reality (AR) Immersive Environments where your next event staging is sure to be a magical entertainment experience. VR/AR Projection Event Domes are emerging as the cornerstone of the Immersive Environment Industry.

Virtual Reality in a Dome

Projection Gaming Domes

Pacific Domes provides the perfect Virtual Reality Gaming Domes with our powerful, constantly evolving, immersive and interactive technology. The fetching combination of geodesic architecture with cutting edge VR Technology transports your audience into an Augmented Reality experience where the line between what’s digital and what’s real seems to disappear.

Pacific Domes Projection Dome