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Dome Life

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A unique Family Dwelling, Office, Studio or Airbnb Rental.
A Dome Home in your backyard or on your land will enhance your life!

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Immersed in Nature’s splendor, dome life is a novel way to dwell in comfort, yet close to the elements.

Dome Life – A Happy Future

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Multi-award winning Pacific Domes, Inc, is the original manufacturer of geodesic domes worldwide. Event Domes, Dome Homes, Glamping Domes, Airbnb and much more for over 40 years

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Frequently Asked Questions

You may have a few questions

What is a dome?

A structure consisting of a partial sphere (usually about half of a sphere) used to enclose space. Domes are commonly used for events, homes, greenhouses, temporary structures or to enclose equipment.

What does Geodesic Mean?

icosahedronGeodesic refers to the use of points that share placement on a common curved surface and the chords (straight lines) that connect these points. The icosahedron is a platonic solid. Using the icosahedron and iterations of the icosahedron to smooth the profile, Pacific Domes structures retain the geodesic quality and the beauty and strength of the sphere, maintaining the geodesic principal.

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What is a frequency?

When talking about domes, the definition of frequency refers to the number of pieces that each edge of the base figure is divided into in the process of triangulating its sides. For instance, we might start with a base figure of an icosahedron and divide each edge of each triangular face into 3 equal lengths. Those new points are connected to divide the original triangle into 9 smaller triangles. Since the original edges were divided into 3 parts, we call this a 3-frequency dome. The frequency is commonly abbreviated as “v”, so a 2-frequency dome is called 2v, 3-frequency is 3v, and so forth. The higher the frequency the more curved and sphere like the dome appears.

Read more about Dome Frequencies.

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What Customers Are Saying

Wish I Knew What I Know Now

We love our dome away from home in the forest. It has lasted more than 18 years now with very little need for repairs or maintenance.

Jona Jordan

Love My Dome

I’ve been living in my 30ft dome for a few years now and love it! The high ceilings and open air gives plenty of elbow room to jump around. I just recently got the zip in screen for the side vents. Big help for ventilation. Thanks Pacific Domes!!


If it’s good enough for Thunderdome, it’s good enough for you

In 1999, when we said “we need a 45′ dome, and we need people to be able to climb on it”, though they’d never built a dome that size before, Pac Domes answered the call. They worked with our crew to ensure that the dome would be safe for participants and crew.


Delivering Geodesic Domes for over 40yrs!

Multi-award winning Pacific Domes, Inc. is the original manufacturer of geodesic domes worldwide.  We are a growing family-operated business dedicated to conscientious, energy-efficient living

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