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Are you ready to make an impact with Pacific Domes’ award-winning commercial tents? No matter the size of your company or the scope of your event, clients have been trusting their event tent needs to Pacific Domes for over 40-years. Satisfied clients around the globe love that their event tent needs can be customized to suit their specific requirements in sizes ranging from 16’ to 120’.

Award-winning Commercial Tent by Pacific Domes

Obscura Pioneer Dome
Manufacturing geodesic domes, aka geodomes for short, since 1980, Pacific Domes continues to produce the industry’s best commercial tents.

An industry leader, Pacific Domes award-winning commercial tents are portable and easy to erect. Freestanding geodome event tent shelters are much in demand as portable temporary shelters due to their strength, durability and ease of set-up.

From design to build, geodome shelter systems are engineered to be energy-efficient and exceptionally secure in all types of terrains and climates. They are designed to withstand extreme outdoor conditions and provide relief from just about anything Mother Nature has to offer – this means peace of mind, so you can focus on the important aspects of designing and organizing your important event. 

Image Branding

The power of freestanding geodomes to spread brand awareness cannot be overstated. As the original designer and manufacturer of made in the USA geodomes, Pacific Domes is committed to the most efficient and elegant architectural solutions.

A welcome addition by event goers, expansive dome canopies provide shade for entrances and walkways. Whether at a music festival, trade show, convention or major league sports championship, geodome commercial tents draw in the crowds – providing unforgettable brand impressions against beautiful backdrops with unlimited social media potential.

Branded Domes

Everything is customizable for image branding. Pacific Domes offers all possible color combinations to help you stand out – in even, the busiest settings.

Dome skins can be customized with colors, branding and images. Jacketed in your corporate colors standard commercial tents are ready to visibly showcase your company’s logo from a distance.  

Uses: Corporate Events & Conventions, Tradeshows & Tradeshow Booths, Product Launches & Promotional Tours, Sporting Events, Floating Domes, Ice Bars & Roof Top Lounges, Movie Sets, Private Parties, Special Occasions and Much More.

Award-winning Commercial Tent by Pacific Domes

XBox Dome - Pacific Domes
XBox Illumination Dome by Pacific Domes

Illumination Domes

Take your commercial tent exhibit up a notch with an Illumination Dome. Imagine your brand projected like a scintillating rainbow throughout the night. The festive atmosphere created by illumination domes yields impressive social media value as crowds gather to take photos against the projection’s backdrop.

The cover is made from EventLite fabric that’s visible from both the inside and outside. Combine augmented reality (AR) with colorful projections inside that emanate through its cover for miles around – spreading brand awareness far and wide.

Uses: Festivals, Art Installations, Sporting Events, Corporate Events & Conventions, Tradeshows & Tradeshow Booths, Product Launches & Promotional Tours, Ice Bars & Roof Top Lounges, Movie Sets, Private Parties, Special Occasions and Much More.

Projection Spheres

For the ultimate in commercial tents, Pacific Domes top-of-the-line Projection Domes and Spheres provide a totally immersive experience that is unlikely to be forgotten. With projection mapping technology, 360° projections bring the audience experience to life. Patented blackout covers keep your projections tightly locked inside where the images play out in vivid detail – transforming it into another world.

Uses: Planetariums, Festivals, Virtual Reality Spheres, Large Scale Corporate Events & Conventions.

Coachella Immersion  Dome
Coachella – Projection Theater by Pacific Domes

In Summary 

Over the years, geodome commercial tents have proven to lend a positive and lasting impression to any event. They are easy to transport to any location and can be erected in virtually any type of terrain. Because they are portable and can be erected and dismantled quickly, they are perfect for either large or small-scale events,

A geodomes futuristic ambiance is perfectly suited to an event planner’s vision – a vision that transforms innovation, creativity, and originality into that WOW factor!


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Pacific Domes – Roof Top Lounge Domes

Pacific Domes is a family owned and operated geodesic dome manufacturing based in Ashland, Oregon. Pacific Domes award-winning commercial tents have been celebrated by some of the world’s top companies – proud to have established relationships with world-renowned corporations, including Audi, Canon, Coca-Cola, Geico, GM, Toyota and countless others.