Claim Your Free Wood-fired Cedar Hot Tub from Pacific Domes

There’s no better way to experience the beauty of nature than by soaking in a wood-fired cedar hot tub. And, with Pacific Domes’ Free Wood-fired Cedar Hot Tub offer, you can enjoy this experience with your family and friends for years to come.

Claim your free wood-fired hot tub with the purchase of any two domes from Pacific Domes! It’s not an exaggerated offer – however, it is a limited time offer!

Experience the close, cozy contentment with your family or friends soaking under the stars.

Life doesn’t get much better than this! Enjoy the occasional crackling of the wood fire amidst the sweet company of family and friends – all sharing delightful songs and stories that bring you back to your true north.

Relax and destress while immersed in the soothing water of a wood-fired hot tub. Breathe in the aroma of cedar and awaken your senses as wisps of wood smoke mingle with rising plumes of steam under the stillness of a starry night-sky canopy.

About Western Red Cedar Hot Tubs

Pacific Domes is thrilled to introduce our clients and future clients to Tom Slater at Snorkel Hot Tub in Seattle. Tom’s company started making hot tubs in 1979, the same year we started manufacturing geodesic domes!

For the indigenous people of the American Northwest, cedar provided raw materials for clothing, shelter, and utilitarian items. Its importance was so great that cedar groves became a symbol of power and a gathering place of retreat and contemplation. It’s no coincidence that Tom’s cedar tubs have become gathering places for retreat and contemplation, too!

Western Red Cedar’s workability, dimensional stability, insulating quality, and rot resistance, along with the therapeutic Cedar aroma, makes it ideal for hot tubs. Snorkel Hot Tubs are made with the best quality Western Red Cedar, unique among softwoods. Its heartwood contains high levels of Thujaplicans and water-soluble phenolics, creating natural resistance to rot. And like our Domes, Cedar Hot Tubs will last for over 30 years!

Wood-fired Cedar Hot Tub - SNORKEL HOT TUBS
Enjoy your Hot Tub for simple soaking or warm water exercise!

Setting-up Your Hot Tub is Easy-Peasy

Hot Tub assembly is an easy weekend project. After watching Snorkel’s ‘Hot Tub Assembly video playlist’ you will have the confidence to tackle this DIY project, yourself. And for design inspiration, be sure to visit Snorkel Hot Tubs on Pinterest.

In Conclusion

Claiming your free hot tub is easy! Contact a friendly Pacific Domes Customer Support Rep today to learn more about how to claim your free offer. They’ll help you choose the right dome size for your needs and walk you through claiming your free hot tub.

Pacific Domes Free Hot Tub Offer

Limited Time Offer

Take advantage of this fabulous offer while it lasts. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to add a touch of elegance and relaxation to your life – claim your Free wood-fired cedar hot tub today!