Celebrating Winners of the Dome Poem Challenge

Submitted by dome fans responding to our Social Media Dome Poem Challenge

Dome Poem Challenge 2023

“Win a free Pacific Domes hat by submitting a Slogan, Quote or Poem about a Dome.”

– Pacific Domes 2023

It’s time to celebrate the creativity and poetic talent of our clients! Pacific Domes Social Media Dome Poem Challenge recently came to an end, and we are thrilled to announce the winners. Over the past few weeks, we have received submissions from dome fans around the world, each reflecting diverse perspectives and unique voices within our social media dome community. The challenge was an opportunity for our clients to showcase their creativity and we were blown away by their poetic talent! So, without further ado, let’s celebrate the talented winners of the Dome Poem Challenge!

Oh, Geodesic Dome, a wonder to behold, 
A sacred geometry, from the Divine untold, 
A structure of grace, of harmony and light, 
A symbol of unity, in the day and the night.
Its form is a dance, of triangles and spheres, 
A symphony of shapes, that soothes and clears, 
A language of Love, that speaks to the heart, 
A masterpiece of beauty, a work of art.
Like a rose in the garden, it blooms with joy, 
A sanctuary of peace, that none can destroy, 
Its petals open wide, to let the sun in, 
And bring forth a new world, free from sin.
Oh, Geodesic Dome, you are a grace divine, 
A beacon of hope, that ever will shine, 
A symbol of Oneness, of heaven and earth, 
A dwelling of the soul, of infinite worth.

-Kriya Krisnabai-Gitanjali
Airbnb Glamping Desert Sunset
In a dome of geodesic shape,
Life takes on a new escape.
A world that's grounded, connected, real,
Where nature's beauty can truly feel.
Inside this dome, a place of peace,
Where troubles and stress seem to cease.
The structure holds a perfect form,
A shelter that can weather any storm.
It's affordable, and quickly made,
A technology that won't degrade.
With strength and beauty, it stands tall,
A perfect place to live, work, and sprawl.
It's life-changing to live within,
A space that frees you from the din.
The dome's unique shape helps you see,
A world beyond yourself, wild and free.
So if you're seeking a life anew,
A dome is what you need to do.
It's a place of peace, grounded, and pure,
A technology that can offer a cure.

-Tino Specht
Tino Specht’s 24 ft. Dome Home in Massachusetts

Hempcrete Solutions
Our dome frame covered with alternative building materials
The Dome Gnome

How wildly romantic and passionate to have a Dome for a Home,
No matter how far your toes and thoughts got lost,
They would always be happy to fly swiftly back home.
You would probably have almost too many overnight friends.
With your enemies begging endlessly for amends,
Bribing you with gifts from far away forbidden heavens.
You would wonder and inquire about the stars filling your eyes,
While the birds sit laughing and listening,
To the beautiful song dripping and pouring out of your head.
Crawling out the door into your sweet delicious gardens,
Where very large Butterflies and Princess Fairies would…..,
Laugh loudly and explain how to waste the rest of your never-ending time.
Sleeping would be dreaming like a innocent holy baby,
Dreaming would be thinking and laughing like an immature god.
Stars quietly sneak and fill your infinite and drunken heart,
As a giant Bullfrog learns how to play your golden stringed guitar.
Every morning would be like the very first ever Springtime,
The River would come to wash your brand new sparkling face.
While your wide open eyes loudly exclaiming,
"How did I end up in this beautiful place!"
Inquired the wise Queen sitting on the throne,
Next to the wise and forever grateful handsome Dome Gnome.

Dome Poem Winners 2023

Thank-you to “The Dome Gnome” authors, Bettina Madini & Joel Burbach for sharing their lovely photo – showing-off their new Pacific Domes Caps.

Off-grid living in a Dome

There’s no place like Dome!

-Becca Van Der Like 

Platforms, Rounds, trust us!
The Domes are going down!
Triangles, Circles
Stars and Sky
this is why we love Domes, no lie!
Making the rounds
Feeling the views
Pacific Domes has a dome for you!
Pura Vida!

Cody W. Johnson

Dome Home Glamping Resort
1. Nature's luxury, crafted sustainability 
2. Find your Zen in our geodesic domes: the perfect escape 
3. Revolutionize your living space with our geodesic domes 
4. Sustainability meets luxury in every dome
5. Experience sustainable luxury living 
6. Experience the luxury of sustainability 

-David Priymak

Domes, oh how they tower high
A symbol of strength against the sky
Their curves and arcs in perfect form
A sight to behold, a true artform
From ancient times to modern days
Domes have captured hearts and gaze
Their elegance and grace inspire
A sense of awe, a burning fire
Whether they're made of stone or glass
Domes are a hallmark of class
Their beauty echoes throughout time
A testament to human design
So let us marvel at these domes
Their grandeur and beauty shown
May they continue to inspire
A sense of wonder, a burning desire.

-Bill Helton
dome home interior

when you enter Dome
you feel so at home
with smiles of triangles
so open
so light
it is definitely worth the Buck
to be your own Min`star
and feel a Fuller sense of being
now knowing and believing
there is no need to roam
when you own a Dome ∆


A Dome……like Home


30-ft. Woodland Dome Home in Washington

Looking for a home away from home
You only want the best
Got to go with Dome Homes
They’re just better than all the rest.

-Jim Berliner

Home is where the dome is

-Darci Michelle
30-ft dome home in the Pacific Northwest

“A Dome set among trees, allows you to roam free”

-Dayton Mason

Dome Poem

In the land of the Pacific Ocean Blue,
There's a structure that will amaze you,
It's called a geodesic dome
You see? - Yes, you see
A dome is more than a home
It’s got sacred geometry,
Sit in it and it will set your mind free
Three points make the triangle
Stacked and wrapped around the globe
These facets form five and six sided assets 
That anchor the frequency
Of heart mind divine
Some call it divinity,
It amplifies the rise of subtle energy
Prana chi orgone mana
The sacred elements of levity,
Its no wonder that plants and humans 
Thrive inside the magnetic matrix that 
Buckminster Fuller made us,
It’s really quite easy to live in a dome, 
no corners no crannies
Simple curves converge at the locus
This ain’t no hocus pocus
One heart, one mind 
Let the mage within find single pointed focus
Breathe in and out, rest 
Feel the ease and grace
Of Life in this nest
Hence, you see  
A Dome home 

- Tenasi Scott Rama Lazar
Mindful Earth Farm
Ashland, Oregon
530 264 6554  USA