Cabot Shores Wilderness Dome Resort

Geodesic Domes on Cape Breton Island

Imagine falling asleep at a dome resort to a light show of shooting stars visible through the skylights of your cozy Canadian treetop dome. Here at Cabot Shores’ Treetop Village in beautiful Nova Scotia, this is the everyday-life adventure.

Situated in a coastal wetland, Cabot Shores Wilderness Resort is protected from the ocean currents by a sandbar. Absent the ocean waves, the shores offer ideal paddle-boarding ($40/half-day) and kayaking ($37/half-day) destinations. The resort is home to the first and only geodesic domes on Cape Breton Island. The first dome built on the site is the Tranquility Dome, a sixteen-foot glamping dome set up with a double bed, hanging chair and excellent views of the Bird Islands. It features four skylights for stargazing after the sun goes down, and is a short walk from washroom facilities.

Treetop Village domes

While the Tranquility dome is on the ground, the Treetop Village domes are all up on raised decks of the wilderness resort. The Luna Dome is part of a double treehouse setup, sharing a stairwell with the Apple Dome. Each dome has a deck on the ground level, and the Apple Dome features a wrap-around lookout deck to enjoy panoramic views of the orchard and Kelly’s Mountain. Spaced apart for privacy, while still being close enough for group visits, the Luna Dome is named for its excellent views of the full moon, and the Apple Dome is named for its location within the orchard. The Eagle Dome is located nearby, and features a larger seating area on both levels of its treehouse setup.

But there’s more to do at Treetop Village than just lounge around in treetop domes! Waterfalls, rivers and seashores stretch out before your eyes, ready to be explored by foot, paddle board, canoe or kayak. In the cold months, snowshoeing, skiing and snowboarding adventures keep some guests busy, while others opt to enjoy an infrared sauna, or soak in one of the Cedar tubs.

Geodesic Domes on Cape Breton Island
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With lush forests and the Atlantic Ocean on both sides, the picturesque setting of Cabot Shores is a regional treasure not to be missed. Local sites to explore include the Fortress of Louisbourg, the Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site and the Cape Breton Miners’ Museum, offering historical context to the region for those looking for educational fun.

Guests also have access to many on-site accommodations and nearby attractions. Whiff’s Lodge houses the dining room (featuring fresh, organic, local seafood and vegan cuisine), library and fireplace for all guests at the resort. Gate of Life Healing Arts offers acupuncture, acupressure, massages, yoga and morning Qi Gong. The Cabot Trail offers excellent hiking in territory that is home to beavers, bald eagles and the occasional moose. Musical instruments are even available for impromptu jam sessions!

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Local arts can be appreciated at the Cape Breton Centre for Craft & Design in Sydney, where year-round exhibits and workshops are feature works by local artisans. And the Cabot Trail runs the border of Cape Breton, stretching 185 miles around the coast.

Besides being an unforgettable place to immerse yourself in the Great Outdoors, Treetop Village also appeals to the eco-conscious traveler. This beautiful destination aims to offer an off-the-grid experience with solar arrays providing necessary power, solar lamps and lighting guiding you around the resort, and solar heating and solar hot water panels providing the comforts of home with minimal environmental impact. Hungry? The onsite organic garden is tended with care to yield seasonally available food for the bistro, and the chicken yurt provides fresh eggs daily with yolks as orange and rich as the Canadian sunset.

So if you’re feeling like it’s time for a great outdoors adventure, look no further than Cabot Shores’ Treetop Village dome resort where you can dream the night away in a treetop dome.