Eco Resort Dome Houses by Pacific Domes in Chilean Patagonia

Eco Resort Dome Houses by Pacific Domes of Oregon, builders of the world’s Best Geodesic Dome Homes for award winning Eco Retreats, Eco ResortsGlamping Sites and Eco Tourism Camps across the globe,

EcoCamp Patagonia first opened its doors in the rugged mountains of Torres del Paine National Park in 2001, and since then it has become a model of sustainability for eco-resorts around the world. Founders Javier Lopez and Yerko Ivelic had been running kayak and rafting trips on Chile’s Bio Bio River when it was controversially dammed by a private electric company. Seeking new ways to promote conservation and sustainability, they were inspired to build an eco-resort where guests could be immersed in Chile’s natural splendor and learn more about its fragile ecosystems. In search of structures that could withstand Patagonia’s infamously harsh weather, especially hurricane-force winds found in the mountains, Lopez and Ivelic decided on Geodesic Domes manufactured by Pacific Domes. Admired not only for their structural integrity and functionality but also their beauty, our domes make for an eye-catching centerpiece in any setting, from glistening modern cities to monumental nature. Guests at EcoCamp Patagonia enjoy our domes for their inherent connection to nature, and they make for a comfortable setting for relaxing after a long day’s hike, listening to wind and wildlife, and stargazing.