Bucky’s World Peace Game

Buckminster Fuller at the Peace Games

Buckminster Fuller’s World Peace Game is a remarkable educational simulation designed to cultivate critical thinking, collaboration, and problem-solving skills among students. Created by Fuller, an influential American architect, inventor, and visionary, the World Peace Game challenges participants to navigate complex global issues and conflicts in a dynamic, interactive environment. The game incorporates elements of politics, economics, and social dynamics, prompting players to analyze and strategize to achieve peaceful resolutions. By engaging young minds in a hands-on experience of tackling real-world challenges, the World Peace Game empowers future generations to become active participants in shaping a harmonious and equitable world. Fuller’s innovative approach to education continues to inspire educators and students alike, emphasizing the importance of cooperation and creative thinking in addressing global issues.

Carol Rosin and Asha Deliverance

Asha Deliverance, the founder of Pacific Domes spent an evening with Carol Rosin, one of Buckminster Fuller’s dear friends. Carol’s favorite experience with Bucky was playing his World Peace Game, designed to make the world work for 100% of humanity in the shortest possible time, through cooperation, without ecological damage, or disadvantage to anyone. The goal was to create peace on Earth and in Space. Carol’s part was to create peace in space.

Asha ran the Buckminster Fuller World Game at Pima College in Tucson, AZ in the late 60’s. She took over the entire campus and created an assimilated society working toward peace and prosperity for all in every country.

Carol Rosin and Buckminster Fuller

Bucky had inspired Carol, who later wrote a Peace in Space Treaty, alongside astronaut Edgar Mitchell, to prevent the use of space-based weapons. I had the pleasure of working with Carol to have the treaty translated into many languages and submit it to the UN. The treaty was accepted by the majority of the countries, including Russia and China, but the US refused to sign.

Carol Rosin is an accomplished American aerospace executive and peace advocate who played a significant role in working alongside the visionary thinker Buckminster Fuller. Rosin is renowned for her tireless efforts to promote international cooperation in space exploration and the prevention of the weaponization of space. She worked closely with Buckminster Fuller, a renowned architect, inventor, and futurist, who was known for his revolutionary concepts and designs. Together, Rosin and Fuller collaborated on various projects and initiatives aimed at advancing the peaceful use of space technology and fostering a global understanding of our interconnectedness. Their partnership exemplifies the power of combining visionary thinking with practical action to shape a better future for humanity.