Best Medical Event Tents for Sale or Lease

Portable Geodesic Dome Medical Event Tents Pacific Domes

“Our eco-friendly geo-engineered dome tents are rapidly deployable anywhere on the Planet!” — Pacific Domes Inc.

A must-have at any Event is the Medical Service Tent.  Medical tent shelters are a high priority when it comes to providing first responders with a quick, versatile and economical staging solution for emergency services… event insurance!

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Taking the worry out of Event planning, portable geo-engineered dome tents have a proven track record, in bringing efficient first-aid tent options to a variety of popular Events.  When it comes to hosting your next special Event, you may wish to consider these helpful facts in planning for your medical tent needs:

  • Eco-friendly geodome tent shelters are suited to all types of terrains, built to withstand harsh environments and perfect for hard-to-reach locations. The spherical design encloses the largest volume of interior space with the least amount of surface area, ensuring a light footprint.
  • Saving on medical tent construction costs, portable geodome shelters are rapidly deployable and easy to set up. Temporary shelters can be easily taken down when no longer needed.
  • The open arena of the medical geodome tent allows air to circulate freely without obstruction, thus enabling heating and cooling to occur naturally.
  • The architecture of a dome’s interior atmosphere offers many design possibilities for convenient access to medical equipment. The overhanging truss system supports electrical; as well as, sound and lighting equipment.
  • Durable UV resistant, flame-proof and waterproof dome covers naturally illuminate the interior atmosphere. An added benefit if soliciting Sponsors for your event, the tensile strength, covers are available in a variety of colors for custom imprinting and product branding.
  • Geodome tents offer a variety of options to choose from such as: bay windows, skylight roofs, connecting tunnels and round doors. Translucent covers may be customized depending on need and usage.
  • Various types of floorings can be installed in domes to provide a comfortable environment for every function.
  • Multiple domes may be connected to create a whole dome complex.

Portable geo-engineered dome tents continue to be popular Event icons at Super Bowls, Tournaments, Marathons and numerous Sporting Events. Pacific Domes is proud to have a long-standing relationship with the Sporting Event Marketing Industry and the National Football League.

Pacific Domes, a US manufacturer of geo-engineered domes has been leading the way forward with portable geodesic dome tents for Events since 1980.