Amphitheater Domes: Curtains Up for the World’s Largest Outdoor Proscenium Theaters!

“A spectacular theatrical experience, our Amphitheater Domes are gorgeous works of geodesic engineering” — Pacific Domes, Inc.

Singing the beauty of aesthetics, free-standing Amphitheater Domes have come full circle since the days of the Greek Parthenon! The ancient Greeks may have given us the modern concept of theater; however, technological advances have taken contemporary theaters to the next level of immersive entertainment with digital media.

Amphitheater domes are ideal for concerts and theatrical performances because they naturally amplify and echo sound. Through the enchantment of geodesic engineering and the medium of immersion technology, portable amphitheater domes create a totally immersive experience for the benefit and enjoyment of all audiences.

Amphitheater DomeSteering the event industry for many decades, Pacific Domes, a leading U.S. manufacturer of geo-engineered domes, in concert with multi-media partners Obscura Digital and Vortex Immersion, have been on the cutting edge of creating culturally rich environments to captivate audiences in a variety of venues.

Fans Are Captivated by the Latest Technology
In the case of the modern amphitheater, the proscenium, a segmented division of a theater stage, is a digitally enhanced structure projected directly in front of the stage that frames the action of the performance.

Proscenium walls can be either square or arched, with the stage curtain generally behind it.  Additionally, an LED wall can serve as the backdrop for large screen projection. Technological enhancements include the latest graphics as well as complete visual transformation of scenes.

Proscenium arches will have imagery projected onto them using the most advanced 14K digital mapping technology available.  The extension of the digital-mapping immerses the entire audience in the action.

Creating Colossal Events
Madison Square Gardens Dome - Las Vegas

Founded in 2000, Obscura has worked on a long list of iconic large-scale productions. In the immersive dome theater environment, you have the opportunity to tell your story in a big way, inviting audience participation and empathy, influencing them to see things in new ways that build the collective dream for a better world.

Matty Dowlen - Obscura Digital

As content creators, we’ve had the privilege of working on many large scale architectural projections… from the Vatican to the Empire State Building to the Sydney Opera House,” said Matty Dowlen, chief of production at Obscura Digital.”

Breaking News: Obscura Digital Acquired by Madison Square Garden
It’s official! MSG Ventures-Madison Square Garden, has acquired Obscura Digital! As a world leader in live experiences, MSG Ventures has attracted millions of guests each year, with some of the most renowned sports, entertainment brands and iconic venues to their credit.

MSG Ventures, Madison Square Garden, has hosted numerous major venues in the past. Cutting-edge design studio, Obscura Digital was behind the new creative elements that enveloped the World’s largest Proscenium Theater at Madison Square Gardens, Christmas 2017!

Sydney Australia Opera HouseWe’re thrilled to join the Madison Square Garden Company, as part of MSG Ventures,” says Obscura CEO, Chris Lejeune. As part of the MSG family, we’ll be able to work on a much bigger scale, reach larger audiences, and fulfill our vision to create the future of entertainment.”

80′ amphitheater for the Superbowl, NYC.

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