Pacific Domes at The Super Bowl – 80′ Amphitheater Dome

Geodesic Performance Arts Amphitheaters by Pacific Domes of Oregon. Stunning Set Design and Stage Production under this Portable Dome Amphitheater.

Pacific Domes is proud to announce our successful completion of the first ever, rapidly deployable Amphitheater Dome! It is a gorgeous work of Geodesic Engineering!

The opportunity to make this large Amphitheater Dome in downtown Manhattan, as part of the 2014 Super Bowl festivities, was a dream come true for our design team.

The Amphitheater Dome makes a beautiful concert venue that is as eye-catching from the outside as it is on the inside. Domes have an unparalleled capacity for projection and lighting innovation.

We are excited to see how this dome will be used next. The possibilities are endless!