2011 Burning Man Projection Dome

Pacific Domes of Oregon, building the best Geodesic Structures in the world. We manufacture Geodesic Dome Theaters, Event Tent Canopies, Festival Dome Tents and Dome Shade Shelters.

Burning Man camp, Red Lightning, had two Pacific Domes domes this year called the “Human Metamorphosis Holosphere.” Their theme was “Rites of Passage,” which featured an immersive movie, sound, light, meditative and dance experience. The dome had Memory Foam Vibra-acoustic recliners, 360 degree movie projection screen in the ceiling and a holophonic audio system.

Projection Dome Theater at Burning Man

There were a number of strategic partners involved in its creation and there is an ongoing tour planned for January called the “Seeing is Believing Tour.”

Burning-man Projection Dome Theaters by Pacific Domes