Intentional Dome EcoVillage Micro-Communities: Co-Creating a New Paradigm

A Template for Sustainable Nature Smart & Self-Sustaining EcoVillages “Building Sustainable Communities Through Spontaneous Co-operation” — Pacific Domes Inc. It’s About Living Large, Not Small Become a Nature Smart EcoVillager and take the empowering journey towards becoming the change you wanna see!  Intentional Dome EcoVillage Micro-Communities are all about collectively …Read More

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Ultimate Remote Emergency Response Base Camps: Deployable Geo-Engineered Dome Kits by Pacific Domes

“Because of its aerodynamic structure, a geodesic dome can withstand hurricane-force winds better than any other portable structure.” ― Pacific Domes, Inc. With an above normal hurricane season predicted, deployable emergency response base camps are much in demand by FEMA and other specialized disaster coordinating agencies. Rapidly deployable geo-engineered dome kits by …Read More

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Ojai, California Eco-living Dome

More than a decade has passed since House and Garden Magazine published a beautiful piece on Shaun Hausman’s dome in Ojai, California.  Fast-tracking to the present, Hausmann’s dome home still stands as a futuristic architectural landmark that continues to inspire a sustainable vision for living in harmony with our natural environment. …Read More

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