Greenhouse Domes

Pacific Domes - Greenhouse Domes

Enjoying the Extended Harvest

Continue your gardening fun right through the harvest season! A Geodesic Greenhouse insulates your plants from the elements, keeping them warm and happy well into the Autumn months. Enjoy all the benefits of your home garden for longer, and reap extra rewards from the diligent care and love you gave your plants throughout the year. Beautifully designed, and inspired by the geometry of nature, your plants will appreciate being grown in a Greenhouse Dome.

Geodesic Greenhouses for Education

The BioDome outdoor classroom learning environment at Los Feliz campus in Los Angeles, California, affords students practical hands-on experience in understanding the sentient life of plants; thereby, deepening their appreciation and inter-connectedness with the natural world.

Prefabricated Greenhouse Kits

Prefabricated Greenhouse Domes are the ideal choice for both Outdoor Growers looking to extend their growing season and Commercial Growers looking to increase crop production. Creating the perfect mobile classroom for schools, geodesic greenhouses are steering the future of outdoor education.

Your Backyard Grow Dome

There’s a peaceful consumer revolution happening with a grassroots movement toward backyard greenhouse growing. The introduction of nature-smart growing methods and technologies announces a new paradigm in food sovereignty, putting healthy eating within the reach of everyday consumers.

Greenhouse Domes

Realize your growing potential with a Geodesic Greenhouse Dome from Pacific Domes of Oregon! We build affordable, state of the art Geodesic Greenhouses and Geodesic Grow Domes for the industrial grower looking for that bumper crop, and the Home Gardener who desires healthier flowers and vegetables from their own back yard. This is the best way to extend your growing season!