Projection Dome Theaters for Inner Journeys – Innertainment

Immersive Vaastu VR ZenDome Tents for Events “Vaastu ‘Innertainment’ HIVE ZenDomes Light Up Your Special Event! ” — Pacific Domes Inc. Portable ZenDome tents for events by Pacific Domes of Southern Oregon, offer the perfect immersive environment for a powerful multisensory ‘Innertainment’ experience. ZenDome tents for events, merge Light-Sound Healing technologies with ancient Vaastu architecture …Read More

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Jaguar Dome-Pacific Domes

Car Shows in Domes

5 Winning Event Hosting Ideas for Your Car Show Extravaganza “Drive into a New World of Excellence in 2017” ― Pacific Domes Inc. Whether you are a manufacturer, wholesale distributor or retail outlet, hosting a car show can do wonders to promote your company’s image in 2017.  Promoting and hosting a car show in a …Read More

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Embraer-Pacifc Domes

Airplanes In A Dome

Portable Event Tents Big Enough To House an Airplane “Event Hosting Solutions for Large Commercial Events are Our Specialty” — Pacific Domes Inc. Pacific Domes of Southern Oregon creates portable tradeshow event tents and geo-engineered commercial domes suited for products of any size. Don’t believe us? Take a look at these incredible tradeshow domes we …Read More

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Trucks and Domes-Pacific Domes

Big Rigs in Giant Domes

Showcase Your Trucking Events or Any Trade Show in Commercial Dome Tents “We bring Your brands to life”   — Pacific Domes Inc. It’s back on the road again in 2017 for Trucking Events and Trade Show Exhibits showcasing the latest in commercial vehicles. When it comes to transcending the ordinary, while staying within reasonable sight …Read More

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Boats-Domes-Pacific Doems

Event Tents for Boating

Elegant Boating Exhibits Deserve to be Showcased in Style! Sail the Ocean Blue With Pacific Domes “Hosting Solutions for Large Outdoor Events with Geodome Event Tents”  — Pacific Domes Inc. Boating Event Planners and Event Tent Industry experts will agree that it’s no laughing matter when high winds and unexpected turbulent weather conditions spoil an otherwise …Read More

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Comic-Con-Pacific Domes

Projection Dome Theaters: Transforming The Audience Experience

Magic Inside an Immersive 360° Projection Dome Theater Using Multimedia Projection Technology “Our immersive event domes optimize your story to impact the collective story” — Pacific Domes Inc. Projection mapping is all about displaying your images on non-flat surfaces, shaping them into amazing displays for interactive event venues to engage live audiences.  Are you aware that …Read More

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Projection Dome Theater-Pacific Domes

Projection Dome Theater: Unleash The Magic At Your Event

Immersive 360° Dome Theater Multimedia Projection Technology “Our immersive event domes optimize your story to impact the collective story” — Pacific Domes Inc. Did you know that projection mapping and the immersive world of dome theaters create the perfect event hosting environment for your next exciting event?  Projection mapping is all about displaying your images on non-flat …Read More

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Event Domes-Pacific Domes

Best Event Planning & Experiential Marketing Venues

Portable Tent Shelter Geo-engineered Domes for Events by Pacific Domes “We Bring Years of Industry Expertise in Creating Spectacular Immersive VR Dome Environments for Event Entertainment & Experiential Marketing”            — Pacific Domes Inc. ‘Virtual Reality’ and ‘Real’ worlds collide with dazzling spatially immersive displays rising to meet the design challenges faced by Event Planners in …Read More

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Workshop Domes-Pacific Domes

Workshop Domes & Yoga Venues

Featuring Jen Healy  & The Benefits of Hanging Upside Down Geo-engineered ZenDome Tents for Events, Workshops & Yoga Venues… Zen Healyng in a ZenDome Tent by Pacific Domes, USA Zen Healyng has been quite a hit at many events and festivals with its colorful display of Aerial Yoga Swings and low-level Monkey Yoga Bars. Recently …Read More

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EMC Projection Dome-Pacifc Domes

5 Social Impacts of Highly Immersive VR Projection Domes

VR Domes for Entertainment, Education, Collaboration, & Experiential Marketing “Our VR Projection Domes are dedicated to the advancement of Highly Immersive Virtual Environments for entertainment and education technology.” ― Pacific Domes Inc. Highly immersive virtual environment (HIVE) projection domes are creating a new technological culture in the arena of augmented reality entertainment, education, business and …Read More

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Standing Rock-Pacific Domes

Standing Rock Geodesic – Shelter Dome

Many humanitarian relief efforts are underway to provide rapidly deployable shelter to Sovereign Native Nations converging from all across the globe at Standing Rock Sioux Reservation near Cannon Ball, North Dakota.  Tribal Elders from at least 220 tribes have gathered to express their solidarity in a unified protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline; however, erecting relief …Read More

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ZenDome Tents by Pacific Domes

Pacific Domes’ ZenDome Tent At The Forefront Of Harmonic Resolution Therapy (InnerSense, Inc.)  Portable ZenDome tents for events by Pacific Domes of Southern Oregon offer the perfect immersive environment for a powerful multi-sensory “InnerTainment”™ experience. ZenDome Tents for events, merge Light-Sound Healing technologies with ancient Vaastu architecture that attunes to frequencies of Universal Energy. Facilitating with all …Read More

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