Ropes Course Challenge Domes Rock Your Neighborhood


Fun-filled Geodesic Domes Ropes Course Challenge

Pacific Domes of Southern Oregon, manufactures Geodesic Dome Structures for Events, including building Festival Domes for Ropes Course Companies, offering amazing experience under our Event Domes.

Take the Hilo Challenge and get ready for the most thrilling geodesic domes ropes course rocking neighborhoods since the invention of the skateboard. The Hilo Challenge Dome is an innovative geodesic domes ropes course, stretching upwards to breath-taking scalable heights and in every imaginable direction.

Hilo Domes are prefab geo-engineered dome kits that combine the unsurpassed strength of the geodesic dome with the adventure of a geodesic domes ropes course. Hilo Challenge Domes are proving to be among the most fun-filled and relatively safe leisure time activities positively impacting the planet with a light eco-footprint.

ropes course dome

A one-of-a-kind innovative geodesic domes rope course can stretch 44 feet across and rise to a height of 37 feet, simultaneously accommodating high and low level courses occupying the same interior space of the Hilo Dome.  Hilo Challenge Domes are a unique attraction that can be set up either indoors or outdoors and are perfect for family entertainment centers, recreation parks or special events.

The geodesic domes rope course is an all-weather low cost attraction suitable for team building activities. Hilo Domes become an instant attraction at grade school thru high school, sporting events and outdoor education programs.

Ropes Course Domes can be custom designed with a geodesic domes high or low ropes course. Hilo Domes fit a range of team building activities, with unlimited potential configurations tailored to serve all skill levels and age groups.

Ropes Course Domes made the Top 10 New Products List in 2015. There’s no doubt that the geodesic domes ropes course is a game-changer having many social and physical fitness benefits.