buckminster-fullerGeometry is the universal language of creation. It is the structure of the universe. Pyramid means fire in the middle created by singularity. The geodesic dome is a multidimensional pyramid.

— R. Buckminster Fuller

Geodesic Domes

Buckminster Fuller’s lifelong goal was the development of what he called “Comprehensive Anticipatory Design Science”– the attempt to anticipate and solve humanity’s major problems through the highest technology by providing “more and more life support for everybody, with less and less resources.” “Bucky” is best known for the invention of the geodesic dome–the lightest, strongest, and most cost-effective structure ever devised. The geodesic dome is able to cover more space without internal supports than any other enclosure. It becomes proportionally lighter and stronger the larger it is. The geodesic dome is a breakthrough in shelter, not only in cost-effectiveness, but in ease of construction and energy efficiency. The geometry allows proper circulation of the ambient air with little energy input.

Advantages of Geodesic Domes

Structurally Sound

The American Institute of Architects awarded R. Buckminster Fuller a gold medal, acclaiming his invention, the geodesic dome, as “the strongest, lightest and most efficient means of enclosing space known to man”.

Pacific Domes are engineered for both internal and external weight loads. We offer an in-house structural analysis upon request. To be approved for permitting, your local building department may require engineering documents. Our architect and engineer can help you meet your requirements that exceed TUV engineering requirements for all European countries.

“Domes are the strongest, lightest and most efficient means of enclosing space yet known to man.”
— American Institute of Architects


Our domes are portable, quick and easy to assemble. Geodesic Domes are the strongest structure known in the architectural world.


Our architects and engineers can fulfill your building requirements for snow and wind loads, anywhere in the world. Pacific Domes are the most durable structure, utilizing the least material.

Our frames are made of USA galvanized steel. They are engineered for both internal and external weight loads, and support lighting & sound equipment.

“Only an energy-efficient, resource-efficient design could work for everyone.”
— R. Buckminster Fuller

Energy Efficient

There are two reasons domes are energy efficient. The ambient airflow inside the dome is continuous, with no stagnant corners, requiring less energy to circulate air and maintain even temperatures. The energy required to heat and cool a dome is approximately 30% less than a conventional building. The second is the high volume-to-surface-area ratio, requiring less building materials to enclose more space. The lower the ratio of a building’s outside perimeter to its enclosed living area, the less energy is required for building, heating and cooling.

The sphere has 25% less surface area per volume enclosed than any other shape. The dome combines the inherent stability of triangles with the advantageous volume-to-surface-area ratio of a sphere. The larger the dome, the more efficient it becomes. This is demonstrated by doubling the diameter, which encloses eight times the volume.


Dome Frequencies

When talking about domes, the definition of frequency refers to the number of pieces that each edge of the base figure is divided into in the process of triangulating its sides. For instance, we might start with a base figure of an icosahedron and divide each edge of each triangular face into 3 equal lengths. Those new points are connected to divide the original triangle into 9 smaller triangles. Since the original edges were divided into 3 parts, we call this a 3-frequency dome.

To calculate the frequency, count the amount of struts between the center of two pentagons. Domes have been built with a frequency as high as 18.

The frequency is commonly abbreviated as “v”, so a 2-frequency dome is called 2v, 3-frequency is 3v, and so forth. The higher the frequency the more curved and sphere like the dome appears.


From grand viewing windows, to multiple connected domes, from colored fabric, to fully printed covers, from amphitheaters, to geodesic spheres, Pacific Domes will manifest your wildest dreams.


Get the result you are looking for by working directly with the manufacturer. Our in-house design & fabrication teams allow for the creation of a project tailored to your specific needs.

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