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Round Windows                 Bay Window                     Skylight


      From the deserts of New Mexico to the high mountains of the Swiss Alps, the elegant
      windows of our domes bring you closer to the surrounding nature. Sun-filled by day and
      star-lit by night, the dome’s open design
      creates a naturally luminous environment.

      Round Windows:             Bay Window: Each dome       Skylight: Our Optional
      Our removable round        is manufactured with an     skylight are an upgrade,
      windows are made with      elegant and extremely       made of UV resistant clear
      clear marine vinyl and     durable bay window. The     vinyl, zips in, replacing
      are extremely durable.     large window is made with   the roof of any size dome.
      They are included          marine vinyl and zips into   It allows a wealth of
      with every dome, and       the dome skin, allowing     additional light into the
      interchangeable screens    the interior of the dome to   dome.
      can be purchased.          be illuminated with natural


      Zipper Door: Our convenient                Prehung Door: Our prehung door
      fabric zipper door can be zipped open      allows for a standard single or double
      or closed from inside or outside.          door.

                Diamond Door                                 Prehung Door
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