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Portable Mandala Floor      Stationary Joist Floor          Perimeter Board

      Dome Floors

      We provide various free deck plans to add a cozy feel to your dome home.
      We offer three different deck plans: Portable Mandala, Stationary Joist, and Perimeter
      Board. An energy-efficient radiant heating and cooling system can be installed in the

      Portable Mandala:          Stationary Joist:           Perimeter Board: For
      The initial intricate      We recommend a joist        domes with earthen floors,
      construction of the        deck for people that don’t   we recommend perimeter
      mandala floor allows       expect to move their        board. The perimeter
      for effortless assembly.   domes. This is the quickest   board will anchor your
      This method enables        and easiest method but it   dome and keep the fabric
      assembly of the floor and   does not enable mobility.  off the ground. It can also
      disassembly under 12                                   be used as a mold to lay
      hours.                                                 tiles or pour concrete.

      Interior Design

      The open floor plan and high ceilings of the geodesic dome create a beautiful space
      for interior design. Add internal construction to separate living spaces or work with
      the existing shape to create an open interior. Second story structures and lofts can be
      added to any dome 20’ or larger.
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