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Winter Liner


      The dome’s natural structure allows for constant airflow, requiring 30% less energy
      to circulate air, maintaining moderate air temperatures. We provide several options to
      transform your dome into a cozy refuge in the harshest winter climates.

      Winter Liners: Our winter   Wood Stove: Each dome      Thermoshield: Heat can
      liners are flame retardant   comes with an optional    be reflected back into the
      and resistant to mold      stove vent flashing and     dome with a Thermoshield
      and mildew. Providing      cap for wood stove          coating, cutting utility use
      insulation between you     installation. Comfortable   by up to 40 percent. This
      and the outside world, the   temperatures can be       non-toxic elastomeric paint
      window layout is Velcroed   maintained inside the      containing ceramic micro-
      in to match the outer cover.  dome while snow storms   spheres can be used in
                                 flurry outside.             colder climates.

                  Wood Stove                                   Solar Fan
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