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Anchoring                    Portability                  Powder Coating

      Dome Frames

      Anchoring: Pacific Domes   Portability: Our frames     Powder Coating: We
      will supply the appropri-  arrive in small bundles     offer the option to apply an
      ate anchors to secure the   for easy counting and      extra-protective coating
      dome frame to surfaces     handling. We provide        to your steel frame. There
      such as concrete, earth,   illustrations and           are many colors to choose
      asphalt, or a deck.        instructions for easy frame   from to enhance both the
                                 assembly. Our staff can     beauty and durability of
                                 provide on site training.   your frame.

      Sturdy Frames: Our geodesic frames are architecturally engineered with galvanized
      steel tubing to be both durable and strong. Our rust resistant frames can endure heavy
      snow loads, tropical rains, and hurricane winds up to 100 mph. Dome frames that are
      intended for areas with extreme weather conditions are customized by our engineering
      team to ensure enduring structural integrity.

      Dome Sizes

           16’          16’           20’             24’                30’

                36’                     44’                          60’
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