Pacific Domes
HiSeas Mission Mars Dome

Space the New Frontier

Earth is the most beautiful planet, but we will always reach for the heavens! Pacific Domes is collaborating with top thinkers to solve environmental issues, as well as enhance space exploration. We hope you have a beautiful summer, and enjoy nature while glamping under the summer night sky!

Mission Mars

At the top of the Mountain on the Big Island of Hawaii, NASA has a human performance study, the goal, to learn as much as possible about isolated living for future mars colonization. Six participants live in a 36’ geodesic dome for 12 months.


Planetarium Domes

In the forefront of Immersive Environments and Projection Dome Theaters, Pacific Domes of Oregon partners with several of the world’s leading 360 Projection companies to produce Award Winning Projection Domes and Virtual Reality Theaters for Corporate Events and Corporate Trade Shows across the globe.



BIOSPHERES replicate nature's Earth Systems. Science is discovering that nature holds the most intelligent design. Biospheres are an exploration to discover solutions to our most pressing environmental issues.


Interstellar Virtual Reality

Christopher Nolan’s Academy Award®-winning film INTERSTELLAR is now offering a unique Virtual Reality experience, live at the 2015 SXSW [South by South West] music, film, and interactive conference and festival held in Austin, Texas.