The Future of Education – VR Domes


Imagine University students around the world working together to solve planetary issues inside of a virtual reality Dome. They can view the entire planet and navigate Global problems and solutions together.

It has been proven that the influence and effect of immersive environments inside a geodesic dome can optimize education, improving the learning curve and creating the potential for students all over the world to work together to advance technologies that can solve environmental and social issues. We will create a better world.

360 projection
The Dubai Sphere uses projectors inside a sphere to create a VR with a catwalk to enjoy the full view! United Arab Emirates.

Pacific Domes of Oregon, on the forefront of Immersive Environment Technology, creating amazing 360 Degree Projection Dome Theaters and Virtual Reality Domes for entertainment, education and immersive training. We are working with the world’s leading 360 Projection companies to create stunning Augmented Reality Theaters, whisking attendees off to another world where they can interact with the virtual world, and share the experience with their friends!


In addition, we are in the process of working with Gaming Giant Electronic Arts to help promote one of their gaming product launches, and hope the relationship develops into a joint venture to build Immersive Gaming Domes for large events, conferences and trade shows. Look out for that!


Space is full of buckyballs, also known as “Fullerenes”, icosahedral molecules with 60 linked carbon atoms. They are named after Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic domes, which he designed from nature’s own geometry.


Pacific Domes has created a Planetarium Dome out of Bucky’s architectural model. What a better place to navigate the heavens, than from inside the very structure from which it is designed?

We live in a holographic universe, and buckyballs are found at every scale from nano particles to galactic measure. This same geometry mirrors itself throughout the interwoven continuum of the cosmos.


Out of the strength and portability of Bucky’s cosmic, geodesic blueprint, Pacific Domes designed the largest Planetarium Dome ever found on earth, with a projection screen onto which scenes of stars, planets and celestial objects can appear and move realistically to simulate the motions of the heavens.
Pacific Domes Planetarium Dome is recommended by Planetarium leaders. Not only is it portable, but this projection dome theater can be implemented for one tenth the price of other planetarium systems.


The Planetarium Dome, used for educational and entertaining shows about astronomy, the night sky, or for training in celestial navigation, enables interactive exploration of both earth and space science. Climate change issues have been presented in Pacific Domes Planetarium Domes, where topics come alive, allowing people to understand global issues. Visualizations can enhance the direct impact of decision making.
Adopt a “Fuller” cosmic and world view inside a Planetarium Dome.