Pacific Domes
Pacific Domes - Om Yoga Dome

Fall Up

As Autumn arises, so does our passion to go within for inspiration and transformation. The brightly colored leaves of fall uplift the spirit and support the elevation of consciousness as the veil thins. During this time of transition, we have the unique opportunity to look at all that was accomplished during the high energy of the summer, harvest the rewards of our hard work, and enjoy the fruits of our yoga and meditation practice.
Pacific Domes - Yoga Dome
24ft Rassman Yoga Dome - Pacific Domes
Pacific Domes - Wanderlust Yoga Dome

Kriya Yoga Center Dome - Texas

The Blessing of Hariharananda Giri

Hariharananda, carrier of the Kriya Yoga lineage of Babaji and friend of Pacific Domes, held a ceremony at his complex in Texas where he personally blessed every dome we will ever make, including the 36′ dome in which the ceremony was held.


Aerial Yoga Swing - Jen Healy

Aerial Yoga Dome

So many ways to play! Aerial Yoga in a geodesic dome will change you from the inside out. Pacific Domes is proud to partner with Jen Healy, who developed a yoga swing to enhance her special yoga practice of Aerial Yoga, a combination of aerial dance and hatha yoga.


Ibiz Spain, Yoga Retreat Dome

Harmonic Architecture

New research conducted by a team of architects and neuroscientists strongly suggests that the harmonic architecture found in geodesic domes has measurable effects in promoting more positive mental states.


Pacific Domes - Ojai Yoga Crib Dome

The Vipassana Meditation Dome

The Zen-like Vaastu Meditation Dome mirrors the harmonics of the largest Vipassana Meditation dome in the world in India, North-west of Mumbai. A Vaastu Meditation Dome is a structure which reflects the harmonic architecture of nature and organically amplifies the synergetic resonant field, promoting health and healing. Vaastu geometry vibrates with cosmic energy enhancing the effect of the Sound-Light-Healing Dome’s interior surroundings.


Pacific Domes - Prana Fest Yoga Dome

Pacific Domes Yoga Dome - WanderLust

Pacific Domes helped LuluLemon elevate yogic practices at Wanderlust to a new level within a 44-foot geodesic yoga dome, using the same geometry at the root of heavenly spheres and the molecules of your body. Many healers use domes because they believe that geometry helps reorganize the cells of the body and hence improve health and creativity. The dome can remove stray electromagnetic waves by grounding the metal structure into the earth.