Pacific Domes
Pacific Domes - Loveland Eco Resort Dome

Summer Fun!

Summer is almost here! It's time to celebrate graduations, weddings, sporting events, and fun family reunions at the beach! We are here to celebrate with you! Have a joyous summer, The Pacific Domes Family.

Pacific Domes - Mustache Dash Dome

Mustache Bash

Mustache Bash Yes! Serious Party going on under a Pacific Dome! Kick up your bell bottoms at a Disco revival and swing your partner at a Mustache Bash! Nothing says fun more than a 70's, long haired party-down in a Geodesic Dome!


Pacific Domes - Graduation Dome

Everyone Graduates!

Proud parents with tears in their eyes watch their beloved children receive graduation diplomas all over the country! Check out this one inside a Pacific Dome.


Pacific Domes - Fairy Wedding Dome

Fairy Wedding

Fairy fun at a fantastic Elvin wedding was held inside a 36′ Pacific Dome. After the wedding the two professional tango dancers launched their beautifully decorated boat, onto a lake, where they performed a fire spinning dance!


Pacific Domes - Yakima Sports Dome

Yakima Bike Race Sports Dome

The higher you climb, the more you’ll see! Spectators cover a 44′ Pacific Dome frame for a better view of bicyclers racing through the mud after a May rain in Portland, Oregon.