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ZenDome Tents by Pacific Domes

Pacific Domes’ ZenDome Tent At The Forefront Of Harmonic Resolution Therapy (InnerSense, Inc.

Portable ZenDome tents for events by Pacific Domes of Southern Oregon offer the perfect immersive environment for a powerful multi-sensory “InnerTainment” experience. ZenDome Tents for events, merge Light-Sound Healing technologies with ancient Vaastu architecture that attunes to frequencies of Universal Energy. Facilitating with all types of “InnerTainment” venues, ZenDome tents for events vibrate with cosmic energy and are fast becoming the preferred event hosting choice by many wellness practitioners and yoga venues.

Don Estes, a certified medical technologist, professional neuroscientist, and founder of Harmonic Resolution Therapy (InnerSense, Inc.), has partnered with Pacific Domes to bring you the Sound-Light Healing ZenDome Tents. InnerSense, Inc. is a sophisticated vibration therapy that utilizes light, sound, color, and tactile vibration in the relaxing ambiance of the ZenDome environment to reduce stress, diminish pain and optimize wellness.

InnerSense, Inc. sound and light therapy synchronizes and recalibrates individual sensory body instruments to the harmonic resonance of universal energy. As one relaxes comfortably immersed in the organic frequencies of the ZenDome, one’s ability to attune and entrain to the earth’s healing frequencies is amplified dramatically.

The goal of InnerSense, Inc. is to provide the right tools to access one’s inner space, remove old programs and blockages, unlock the realm of the imagination, and reveal one’s innate potential… the essence of true self-healing and transformation.

With over 30 years in the fields of light, color, sound and music – including the study and unification of science, philosophy and religion – Don Estes has designed, built and managed three public “InnerTainment” centers. InnerSense, Inc. and its new supercomputer, has made ‘ready-to-go’ technologies available to all.

Expanding on the synergistic principles originated by R. Buckminster Fuller, PACIFIC DOMES has been working on perfecting the function and beauty of portable geodesic domes for more than 40 years in Ashland, Oregon. PACIFIC DOMES team offers both private and commercial geo-engineered structures designed to support any therapeutic bed.

PACIFIC DOMES and InnerSense, Inc. have come together to create a Resonant Sound-Light Healing ZenDome with content for healing, entertainment and expanded states of mind. Using ancient Vedic physics, each dome is scaled to specific measurements, creating harmonics that support biology and the growth of the soul.

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