Wintering in an Eco-Living Dome

Pacific Domes of Oregon, manufacturer of the best Geodesic Dome Homes in the industry. With 36 year of experience, Pacific Domes builds custom Dome Houses, Glamping Huts and Eco Resort Shelters for off the grid living, eco-tourism adventure or a sweet second home / cabin in the woods!

Life in an eco-living dome is a thrilling prospect for many, and yet many have second thoughts when they imagine waiting out the frigid winter months in one. Pacific Domes has spent years developing innovative ways of outfitting domes for winter, methods capable of making a dome as cozy as a ski cabin. Our winter liners contain layers of Thinsulate between vinyl with remarkable insulative capabilities. Combine this with a wood stove or radiant floor heating, you’ll be able to heat your dome and melt the snow from it’s cover in a matter of minutes!

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