Tiny House Pop-Up: 2-Story Off-Grid Dome Home

“Make the world work for 100% of humanity, in the shortest possible time, through spontaneous cooperation, without ecological offense or disadvantage to anyone.”  ― Buckminster Fuller

Dome Home - Pacific Domes
30 foot dome home with a bay window with stairs leading to the loft

2-Story Pop-Up Tiny House Dome: Minimal DIY Construction Skills Needed  
It’s self-supporting and stronger than a conventional house! Did you know that you can erect your own 2-story off-grid tiny house with a prefab Dome Home kit? Pacific Domes has been perfecting them since 1980!

If you find the prospect of ditching that mortgage for a simpler lifestyle exciting, Dome Home shelters offer a sustainable and economical alt-housing option. And portable pop-up domes can be can be easily transported and set up on your site.

30 foot dome home with second story loft

Dome Home shelters combine the geometry of design genius R. Buckminster Fuller with the geo-engineering strength of steel frames and tensile strength UV covers to handle extreme winds and snow loads.   

Enjoy a Healthy, Organic Close-to-Nature Lifestyle
No one can argue that human populations have had a major impact on the environment. However, the reality is that we humans like breathing room.  We tend to get claustrophobic when confined to small dwellings for long periods.

Considered temporary or semi-permanent structures, prefab DIY tiny house Dome Home kits offer spacious ecoliving inside, whilst allowing you to extend your living space outdoors! Reputed to be the strongest structure known to man, geodesic domes ensure a light, sustainable footprint with a close-to-Nature lifestyle.

Tiny House Pop-Ups: Beyond Trendy!
Tiny home construction has been around for thousands of years. Most of the world still lives in small houses. While a minimalist lifestyle is not for everyone, tiny houses are popping up just about anywhere there’s available vacant land… and Dome Homes are no exception.

Due to long, occupational commutes, the tiny house movement has sprouted modern-day nomads, who already spend much of their time outside the home. Suitable to many lifestyles and pocketbooks, society’s on-the-go culture has embraced tiny house ecoliving as the new ‘living large’ norm.

Many innovative people, dissatisfied with high mortgages and the current economic downturn (that has left well over 75% of homeowners living pay-check to pay-check), are considering outside-the-box alt-housing options. Fueling Tiny Home building industries, the Tiny House Revolution is viewed by some as the antidote to high mortgages, property taxes, congested suburban sprawl, commuter trains and traffic jams.

Inspiring Designs for Off-Grid Dome House Construction
Thinking outside of conventional housing, you may wish to explore some of the options in tiny house construction before deciding what best suits your needs and lifestyle. Pacific Domes are to be found in some of the most pristine Naturescapes on the planet.

Be sure to visit Pacific Domes to explore their vast gallery of photos-n-ideas for locating, building and furnishing your Tiny House Dome Home and owning your very own off-grid house.  You’ll find useful info, such as cost, foundation, deck-building, plumbing and electrical etc.