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The Geodesic Dome Story

Geodesic Dome inventor Bucky

Pacific Domes of Oregon is the leading manufacturer of Geodesic Domes for use as Dome Houses, Emergency Shelter Systems, Event Tents, Trade Show Booths and Outdoor Event Canopies.

Buckminster Fuller was a 1940’s inventor, architect, engineer, mathematician and cosmologist who replicated “nature’s own co-ordinate system” found in all spheres from planets to molecules, and through the understanding that gravitational forces are spherical (not linear) and invented the geodesic dome.

His designs superseded the structural integrity of any architectural structure yet made. In 1970, he received a gold metal from the American Institute of Architects who acclaimed the geodesic dome as:

“the strongest, lightest and most efficient means of enclosing space known to man.”

Domes are:
Structurally Sound
Aerodynamic: domes have a dynamic center of gravity that stands strong against wind. Gravitational forces are not linear, but spherical. The Earth’s center is the origin of the gravitational forces of the Earth, which is present in nature and in domes.

“Nature’s own Geometry”: Progressive architects replicate nature’s designs to insure structural integrity. Fuller’s geometry is the exact math found in a cell wall.

Energy Efficient
Continuous Airflow: with no stagnant corners, requires less energy to circulate air and maintains even temperatures.

Little Energy Required to Heat/ Cool: 30% less energy required to heat and cool than a conventional building.

The Larger the Dome, the More Efficient: The sphere has 25% less surface area per volume enclosed than any other shape.

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Our domes are portable, quick and easy to assemble and yet can withstand any snow and wind load required.

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