Base Camps for First Responders: Shelter for Disaster Relief Crews

“There are constant reports of the geodesic dome being the only structure left standing after a wildfire, hurricane or earthquake.”  — Pacific Domes Inc. When it comes to responding to chaos, first responders, such as firefighters and emergency medical services, are often the primary line of defense for communities. Following the storms and fires of Read More

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Mile End Glamping Eco Resort - Pacific Domes

Best Dome Style Shelters for Eco Resort Glamping

Pacific Domes of Oregon, leading manufacturer of state of the art Geodesic Dome Structures for use as Glamping Dome Homes, Tiny Dome Houses, Glamping Resort Shelters, or Tiny Dome Homes for those looking for Alternative Housing Ideas. Build Sustainable Communities with Nature Smart Dome-Style Houses Dome-style shelters provide alternative nature smart sustainable house building solutions Read More

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