Super Bowl 360 Projection Dome

This year Pacific Domes was proud to feature a 50 foot diameter 360 projection dome at the Super Bowl. This unique dome featured a suspended cover and provided a full immersive experience for patrons.

50ft Projection Dome with Suspended Cover
Aerial view of the 360 projection dome at the Super Bowl

Verizon live-streamed a unique 360-degree view of the game in 8K. This is the first time in history a game like this has been delivered this way. The immersive experience transported viewers in the Verizon Stadium onto the Pro Bowl field in Orlando, while showcasing future potential applications for their network. 

Super Bowl Projection Dome
Patrons of the 360 projection Super Bowl dome were impressed at the full immersive and interactive experience

“Watching the video stream inside the dome over our network was very cool because you are immersed in the technology,” said Danny Driggers, Verizon engineer. “You feel like you’re there. You can feel every bit of it. It’s absolutely the future.”