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Geodesic Grow Dome for Science Works – Lomakatsi

Pacific Domes of Oregon, builders of industry leading Geodesic Greenhouse Domes, Commercial Grow Domes and Backyard Greenhouses. We have Prefabricated Grow Domes and Backyard Greenhouses for sale, including Industrial Grow Dome Kits and Prefab Greenhouses for sale.

Pacific Domes has teamed up with ScienceWorks and Lomakatsi Restoration Project to provide hands-on education in watershed restoration and local ecology to school children throughout the Rogue Valley. We donated a 44 ft. Greenhouse Dome which doubles as an outdoor classroom and a nursery for trees that will later be planted throughout the Bear Creek Watershed. The dome sits on the ScienceWorks campus in our hometown of Ashland, OR, and it gives kids a chance to get their hands dirty while developing a passion for vital ecosystem issues.